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Distance Learning Training Options

Custom Interactive Training for your Whole Team

Check out our group Online training options

Need some quick help with your Prints? We can help!

Create a custom training plan by mixing & matching training courses as needed. 

Does your team need 2 or 3 of these courses? We can offer a Training plan to include our Print Reading and Tolerances, GD&T Fundamentals & GD&T Advanced Courses. 

Worried about taking your whole team out of work for training? We can also customize your team's training timeline. We can split your team into 2 groups of AM/PM Sessions - for any course - to avoid taking the whole team out of work for a full day of training.

Programs Available for Live Team Training

Print Reading and Tolerances

1-Day Engineer Drawings/Blueprint Reading

GD&T Fundamentals Training

2-Day Training to learn GD&T Fundamentals

GD&T Advanced Training

2-Day Advanced GD&T Concepts

How Live Training Works

Create Your Desired Training Plan

We will help create the best training plan to meet your team's needs.

Pre-Training Consultation Call

To ensure we understand and format the class for the specific GD&T topics that will make the biggest impact for your team

Complete Instructor Led Training

Learn GD&T - with our post-training GD&T resources & support at no additional cost

Pricing for On-Site Training

Every company is different, which makes every training situation different. That is why we customize our Live Training options to offer a training solution for anyone. Contact us today to create a training plan that will fit within your company's budget. 

What's Included with the Live Training?

Print Example Workbook

Each participant of the On-Site Training will receive a course review booklet, a Premium GD&T Wall Chart, and a real-world print example workbook to review and practice what you learn in class.

Complete Training Customization

Our On-Site Courses are fully customizable, and we will use your organization’s drawings. All of our on-site training courses include a free pre-training consultation call to ensure that we customize your training to your specific use of GD&T.

Full Support & References

We make sure to provide full support and references for each employee well after the training. Included in the training is 60-day access to our Online Platform and direct access to your dedicated instructor through our online forum and email.

Also Included with the Live Training

Live Training with your Whole Team

Post Training Instructor Support

Certificate of Completion

Live Discussions to Engage Students

On-Site Training Testimonials

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The On-Site Training was presented at the perfect learning level for our attendees. The training slides are of excellent quality – original, well-thought-out, well-flowing, well-paced, no sloppy or careless 3rd-party graphics, etc. Overall the training was spot-on for our training needs! The references to manufacturing and inspection considerations & applications are exactly what should be focused on for newer and younger engineers.

Principal Engineer/Checker at Northrop Grumman
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

This course was very well done! The information was presented in a logical way building on itself and reinforcing prior knowledge. Using our own drawings to illustrate examples really helped drive home the points. One of the best courses I've attended.

Harmonic Drive LLC


On-Site Training Programs

  • Where do you provide training?

    We come to you! Our On-Site Training takes place at your company's facility to offer a training solution without taking your team out of the office.

    Don't have room at your company to host training? We are happy to meet you and your team anywhere in your local area to complete the training. Some companies we've worked with have booked conference rooms at local hotels or meeting rooms. Training is always offered close by for your team's convenience. 

  • How long is on-site training?

    On average, our training schedule is:

    2-Day GD&T Fundamentals
    3-Day GD&T Fundamentals and Advanced
    1-Day Engineering Prints/Blueprint Reading

    However, we can mix and match these training courses to meet your organization's training needs. 

    3-Day Engineering Print Reading + GD&T Fundamentals
    4-Day Engineering Print Reading + GD&T Fundamentals + GD&T Advanced
    And Many More Combinations...

    We can also customize the length of any course.
    For example: Worried about taking your whole team out of work for the training? We can offer any of our courses with an AM/PM class schedule to split your team's training for half-day training options.

    Contact us today, and together, we will create a customized schedule for your team's specific needs. 

  • How much does on-site training cost?

    Pricing depends on the training plan that we create together. Please contact us today to create a training plan to fit your company's training budget. 

  • What topics are covered in on-site training?

    Our On-Site training options are customized to your specific use of GD&T and include a discussion on your drawings. We also cover specific issues that your company faces with GD&T. 
    You can view the topics that we cover in each of our courses by visiting our Lessons & Curriculum Page - however, we conduct a free pre-training consultation call to ensure we understand and format the class for the specific GD&T topics that will make the biggest impact for your team.

  • What support is given after the training?

    Even though we conduct the training on-site, we make sure that your team has support and references, even after the training is complete. All of these features below are included at no additional cost with your on-site training package:

    • 60 Day access to our online course. Here, you will have full access to all of the material that we covered in class for each student, including access to instructor helpline within the course module.
      Check out a sample video: Position vs. Coordinate Dimensions
    • Our premium GD&T Wall Chart can be downloaded straight from our online course.
    • Digital review handouts that are available to print and download.
    • Direct Instructor Email Hotline for individual/private communication.
    • Each student receives a certificate for completing the training. 
  • What are your payment terms and how do we process payments?

    In order to secure your company's desired training dates, we request 50% of the training costs paid upfront. The remaining costs can be satisfied when the on-site training is complete. We make the payment process easy by offering a secure QuickBooks invoice system - which accepts Credit Cards and ACH transfers. We also accept PO’s for direct bank transfers or check orders. 

Other On-Site Training Success Stories

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

We had a very large group of machinists, Manufacturing Engineers, and Quality Assurance personnel. Due to the size of the group, we were concerned about hurting production by pulling so many employees off the shop floor at the same time. GD&T Basics was able to create a custom 5-day On-Site training program and split our employees into two groups – morning and afternoon sessions. Their flexibility and willingness to solve our problems is what set GD&T Basics apart from the other program providers we evaluated.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The benefit of getting our entire group on the same page with interpreting our drawings was invaluable. A sure sign that the group was engaged in the material is the fact that many of them stayed after class each day to discuss our applications and drawings and what we could do to improve them. The instructors are very knowledgeable, made it fun, and did a great job with the training. We appreciate the fact that GD&T Basics was flexible and able to customize the training for our specific needs.