GD&T Basics Academic Partnership Program

  • Are you looking for clear and effective GD&T Resources for your students?
  • Do you want your students to have an amazing engineering skillset when they graduate?
  • Are you trying to teach more real-world topics that are used daily in engineering?
  • Do you want to provide more interactive content to your engineering students?
  • Would you like to teach GD&T but are short on time and expertise?

If you say yes to any of these, you have come to the right place!

GD&T Basics is the premier online solution for interactive, real-world GD&T training.

We have helped hundreds of  students learn how GD&T is used in industrial work and gain the ability to confidently work with engineering drawings. Our program is not just for professionals though – We have completely reworked our curriculum to fit the requirements of a technical academic program. Our material has been simplified and broken down so those just beginning their mechanical careers can learn, communicate and apply these key concepts.

This new curriculum our Academic Partnership Program and, we are helping schools and universities teach their students resume-ready skills that will make employers take notice. Our goal is to provide resources to schools and help prepare the newest generation of students for working as engineers and technical professionals.

Trying to fit in these important skills into your curriculum is difficult to do from scratch – especially for already overworked professors and TA’s. That is why we help professors to curate and customize our learning resources and then take care of the logistics of delivering the content to the students.  We are partnered with universities and programs around the country – delivering our effective, but approachable GD&T content to their students. 

Who is learning about Engineering Drawings?


US Machinist & CAD/CAM Programs with Blueprint Reading in their curriculum

(Research of 62 US CAD/CAM & Machinist Associate Curriculum Programs)


US ABET Mechanical Engineering Programs with Blueprint Reading in their curriculum

(Research of  72 US Mechanical Engineering curriculum programs)

Our goal is to help Professors, Teachers and Academic Admins bring this important training to their students. We have educational materials for course instructors to begin to introduce these topics to their students.  We want your feedback and opinion on the best way to help engineering students gain these real-world skills.

How the Program Works:

Our job is to make implementation of the lesson material simple and straightforward for your program.  We have a few options available to deliver our content to your students and help you get started teaching GD&T. 

Student Resource (Digital Textbook) 

  • Students purchase the GD&T Program as they would any normal textbook
  • We can optionally provide the course through your school bookstore (to work with Pell Grants and Financial Aid)
  • Professors and TA’s get free access to learning platform.
  • We handle entire enrollment process from your list of students and optionally provide enrollment reports.
  • Lessons are customizable to your curriculum for however you cover the material.
  • Materials are available for both classroom instruction or individual assignments.
  • Make full use of our quiz questions for your own tests and quizzes.
  • Printable handouts for the students and the classroom as quick references.
  • $0 Cost to university

Annual Resource Program License 

  • Your school is charged bi-yearly for a license to use our learning material. (The price of the course is negotiated based on number of students)
  • Students purchase the course directly from you and are redirected to your own site or classroom to take the program
  • Our instructors provide support to your professors for help, but do not directly support the students.
  • Professors and TA’s get free access to learning platform.
  • Your program is responsible for enrollment, grading, & homework – however you are free to use our existing quiz and handout material.
  • You receive any updates on course material each year to continually provide the most up to date content.
  • Materials are available for both classroom instruction or individual assignments.
  • Make full use of our quiz questions for your own tests and quizzes.

Custom Delivery Options 

We are always exploring new ways to deliver a complete GD&T education to students and enable them to greatly improve their career prospects.

Contact us below and we can discuss how to deliver GD&T education to your students in the best way for your school.

We focus on each individual program’s needs to make sure that you get the best support, best content, and best value for our GD&T resources.

GD&T computer training

Here are some of the benefits of joining our Academic Partnership Program:

  • Expertly Crafted, Interactive Content

    All our content is built for learning online – allowing all our students to work through the program from anywhere. Our course material is broken down so that students are never overwhelmed or bored.

  • Created By Industry Professionals

    Our program developers are all professional mechanical engineers working in various industries. We have been applying the concepts we teach for years at companies like BMW, Michelin, and Wabtec. Our instructors are also Senior-Level Certified by the ASME as GD&T Professionals. 

  • 24/7 Lesson Access - On Any Device

    Students can watch videos and use the resources when it is convenient to them. No schedules, no conflicts, and instant access. Our training content is mobile-ready and accessible wherever they need it.

  • A Complete, Customizable Resource

    Printable Posters, Quizzes,Handouts, Videos Guides – you name it, we have it. We are more than a digital textbook – we are a full interactive program. Want to move things around or have some suggestions on content? Great! Just let us know and we will make sure the program is fit perfectly to your curriculum goals. 

  • Priced for Students

    Textbooks are expensive & the content we teach would normally cost thousands of dollars to learn as professional training. We priced the course specifically for the average student in mind, allowing them to learn these skills for a fraction of the cost of a textbook.

  • Resume-Ready Skills

    We help give your students a career edge when it comes to having a real world skillset that potential employers require for engineering and technical work. 

  • Direct & Personalized Support

    We work with our professors directly and are always here to help. We deal with professors and school individually and questions are a direct phone call away. We want your feedback to help us continue to improve our program for you and your students.

  • No-Cost Resources for Professors

    All of our academic partners who use our course as a required student resource receive free, full access to the course and material. Instructors are free to use all of the material in the classroom, set as assignments, and even use for quizzes and tests – All at no cost to the university.

Don’t spend hundreds of hours building your own program. Sign up today to help your students gain important career skills like Engineering Drawing Reading and GD&T.