Provide your students with the must have technical skills needed for their careers.

We know that finding usable content for your students is very important - especially now, as many institutions are switching to virtual learning options. We want to support our students and professors as much as possible and provide valuable resources that can help. If you are seeking Engineering Drawing or GD&T learning materials or digital textbook options, reach out to us today to see how we can help. 

Understanding engineering drawings and GD&T are no longer optional skills – they are requirements.

When your students graduate, they will be working with engineering drawings, models, and parts almost every day. They will be expected, from day one, to know the basics of engineering drawings and how to read & interpret Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) correctly to be able to design, produce, or inspect their parts.

Fully understanding engineering drawings is one of the most critical skill sets that companies are looking for in entry-level engineers, machinists, and techs. From the hundreds of companies we work with, they all have one central theme when it comes to seeking new hires:

We want an employee who knows how to design/produce/inspect parts based on the engineering drawing. Without this fundamental understanding, they will struggle to perform their job successfully.”

We know it can be hard to put together a new curriculum for these important skills:

  • Do you think Engineering Drawings and GD&T are too complex to create approachable and relatable content for your students?
  • Are you wondering where you can get real-world examples and assignments based on what your students will work on after they graduate?
  • Does the thought of spending months/years preparing an effective engineering drawing curriculum made you delay teaching this all together?

Being an instructor is more than just lecture and instruction.

We know it's hard being an instructor right now. Outside of the classroom, you are also trying to meet with students, conducting research, answering emails and completing administrative tasks. On top of that, you are now being asked to shift everything you teach to be available online. How do you provide engaging and interactive online content to your students that also teaches them the real skills employers are looking for?

Don’t spend years waiting to develop engineering drawings content - with the GD&T Basics Academic Partnership Program, you will instantly be able to prepare your students to work with real engineering drawings.

While most students find engineering drawings and GD&T quite confusing, teaching this content is much easier than you think!

Our program provides interactive, real-world learning materials that are approachable and easy to understand - even for those with no industry experience. Our course begins with a solid foundation of Engineering Drawings. Our students will become confident in reading and working with engineering drawings.

  • How great would it be to eliminate expensive outdated textbooks for your students, and replace them with one comprehensive & affordable online learning platform?
  • Imagine how much extra time you would have to support your students without having to research or create a complete online accessible course around Engineering Drawings and GD&T Tolerances.
  • Feel confident that you are teaching your students the real industry skills that companies are looking for in a qualified new hire.

Joining the Academic Partnership Program Gives You Great Benefits

Expertly Crafted, Interactive Content

All our content is built for learning online – allowing all our students to work through the program from anywhere. Our course material is broken down so that students are never overwhelmed or bored.

Created By Industry Professionals

Our course creators are all ASME Senior-Level Certified professional engineers with years of industry experience from companies like BMW, Michelin, and Wabtec.

24/7 Lesson Access - On Any Device

Students can watch videos and use the resources when convenient for them. No schedules, no conflicts, and instant access. Our training content is mobile-ready and accessible wherever they need it.

Easy to Implement Immediately

Printable Charts & Handouts, Quizzes, Videos Guides – you name it, we have it. We are more than a digital textbook – we are a full interactive program, made to fit perfectly to your curriculum goals.

Priced for Students

As professional training course, this program could cost thousands of dollars - but we've priced this course specifically with our student in mind, allowing them to learn these skills for a fraction of the cost of your average textbook.

Resume-Ready Skills

We help to provide your students with a career edge when it comes to having real world skill-sets that potential employers require for engineering and technical work, giving them a head start immediately after graduation.

Direct & Personalized Support

We work directly with our professors and are always here to help. We deal with professors and school individually and assistance is only a quick phone call away. We're continually improving our program for you and your students.

No-Cost Resources for Professors

All of the professors who use our course as a student resource receive free, full access to the course and materials. Instructors are free to use the material in the classroom, as assignments, and even for quizzes and tests – all at no cost to the university.

View the Curriculum for the Academic Program

Everything your students need to know to work with engineering graphics, dimensions, GD&T, and much more.

Digital Textbook

What Students Get

  • Digital Access from any Device - even mobile and tablet accessable
  • 150+ Video Lessons on Engineering Drawing Basics and GD&T
  • Downloadable and Printable Handouts and Wall Charts
  • Access to Exclusive Student Webinars on a Variety of Engineering and Career Topics
  • In-Depth Video Assignments to Practice what they Learn
  • Example Drawing Packet to Accompany Video Assignments

Professor Resources

What Professors Get

  • Free Licenses for the Professor with 10+ Students Enrolled
  • Quizzes for each Lesson and a Final Exam - you can offer them offline to grade yourself or online without grading
  • Video Answer Lessons for each Video Assignment that you can share in class or assign as homework
  • Optional Progress Reports emailed to see how much of the content your students actually viewed
  • Direct Instructor Support Helpline for advice and guidance on teaching the topic

Our goal is to help Professors, Teachers and Academic Admins bring this important training to their students.

We have educational materials for course instructors to begin to introduce these topics to their students. We want your feedback and opinion on the best way to help engineering students gain these real-world skills.

How the Program Works

Our job is to make the implementation of the lesson material simple and straightforward for your program. We have a few options available to deliver our content to your students and help you get started teaching GD&T.

  • We are always exploring new ways to deliver a complete GD&T education to students and enable them to greatly improve their career prospects.
  • Contact us below and we can discuss how to deliver GD&T education to your students in the best way for your school.
  • We focus on each individual program’s needs to make sure that you get the best support, the best content, and the best value for our GD&T resources.

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