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GD&T Basics - Academic Partnership Program

Our mission is to help professors and instructors align what they teach to what the industry requires when it comes to working with parts, designs, prints, and processes.

We want to help you instruct and prepare your students for professional design, machining, or quality roles in the mechanical industry.

Engineering Drawings are the Primary Way Your Students Will Be Communicating Technical Information

Watch this short video to learn Tom's story and how he discovered the importance of being able to work with Engineering Drawings

Engineers, Machinists, and Inspectors all wish they had better professional skills when entering the workforce.

"Reading a print and tolerances were only briefly touched upon with all the courses that we had taken. It typically only consisted of one semester and quickly going over each topic, due to it being only a small percentage of what was being learned in the class. After that initial class, nothing was mentioned of tolerancing throughout the rest of school.​​

With the amount that I was taught in school, it still left me ill-prepared on how to truly apply it to my everyday work. As a design engineer for the final prints, it would have been much greater help to learn more upfront before I entered the workforce on real-world examples and to learn it in much greater depth on how it truly can impact the cost and performance of a part without comprising the overall design."

- Joseph Mosher – Design Engineer at Wabtec

We're seeking professors aligned with our mission to join our group of like-minded educators to better prepare our students for success in the industry after graduation.

Sign up Today to Receive Useful Teaching Resources for Your Class:

1. A fully complete engineering part print teaching aid that you are free to use in class to teach the basics of design, manufacturing, and inspection. 

2. 3D printable (.STL) file of the same part print, so you can print it yourself and use in class.

3. Academic Workshop "Teaching Students to Work Professionally with Engineering Drawings" - Through this webinar, you will learn:

  • The print reading and tolerancing framework behind every drawing
  • How you should apply this framework to real engineering prints
  • The "why" behind what you're teaching - teaching your students how to work with real on-the-job scenarios

4. Access to our recent webinar series, where we review your engineering print example in detail for either machining/inspection or design/engineering.

    We want to share our experience working with hundreds of top industrial companies

    Join our community of educators who are driven by their student's professional career success

    What You'll Get When Signing Up:

  • Our In-Class Lesson Drawing and 3D Printable .STL Model
  • Our Free Video Workshop - Teaching Students to Work Professionally with Engineering Drawings
  • Detailed Part Design and Machining/Inspection Walkthrough Videos to go with your Drawing.
  • Information about what teaching materials we have available to help schools and colleges