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Learn GD&T on your turf, in your own terms.

Bring Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing expertise directly to your team with on-site training that’s customized around your production goals and processes.

The Benefits of On-Site GD&T Training

Face-to-Face Interaction

Interact with senior-level GD&T Certified instructors who bring decades of engineering expertise straight to your company through live instruction and hands-on demonstration.

Tailored Training

Customize a curriculum around your operation by incorporating real examples from your production process to illustrate how to use GD&T on the prints you see every day.

Engaging Format

Keep employees engaged with on-the-spot knowledge checks and practice exercises in a traditional classroom setting where instructors guide your team’s progress.

Convenient Setup

Bring GD&T training into your facility without taking your team out of the office or coordinating computer access for all the employees on the shop floor.

Fast Results

Train your team in just a few days so employees can resume production quickly with a working knowledge of how to use GD&T to get real results right away.

Online Access

Reinforce your team’s GD&T knowledge with 90-day access to our free online resources, including monthly webinars, exclusive charts & handouts, and Q&A hotline.

How On-Site GD&T Training Works

Step 1:

Customize a training plan to address your company’s budget, schedule, and specific production goals, with support from our training advisors.

Step 2:

Tailor your curriculum in an NDA-protected consultation with our instructors to design lessons around your prints and production processes.

Step 3:

Learn from a live instructor who travels to your location to teach your team a practical approach to using GD&T on your actual engineering prints.

Step 4:

Apply GD&T knowledge to your operation with ongoing support from your instructor and access to online resources to reinforce your coursework.

Ready to schedule your on-site training?

Let’s design a training program customized to your company’s production needs.

Course Options for On-Site GD&T Training

Print Reading and Tolerances

Develop your team’s print reading skills with our introductory course that breaks down engineering drawings into key concepts.

GD&T Fundamentals

Learn our simple framework that makes it easy to understand how GD&T can be used to improve your manufacturing operation.

Advanced GD&T

Build your knowledge with advanced training designed to give your team a more comprehensive understanding of GD&T standards.

GD&T Inspection

Expand your GD&T toolbox with our course designed to bridge the gap between drawing requirements and effective inspection practices.

Picture your team fluent in GD&T.

We customize our on-site GD&T training for each client by incorporating examples from your company’s actual parts and production processes, equipping your employees to use GD&T in their daily workflows.

Why Students Love Our On-Site Training

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The instructors are very knowledgeable, made it fun, and did a great job with the training. We appreciate the fact that GD&T Basics was flexible and able to customize the training for our specific needs.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Good content coverage. Good pace. Great explanations. Knowledgeable and practical instructor (beneficial that he is a machinist for a practical POV) Would definitely recommend this training to anyone interested in learning GD&T.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Brandon made it easy to understand and interesting. Plenty of examples were used to convey the information, and I appreciated Brandon's opinions/personal suggestions in addition to the hard rules set by the standard. Having an instructor who is also an experienced machinist and inspector built a solid foundation for the intentions of GD&T.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Brandon did an excellent job in training us by taking a step by step approach in applying GD&T to our example drawings and explaining his thought process along the way. I loved how Brandon took an extremely practical approach to applying GD&T for the example drawings that we sent. I also liked how he catered his approach to our industry which used mostly injection molded materials and told us what we should be doing from his perspective.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Structured in a way that builds on fundamental concepts, the GD&T basics course is great for someone with no experience in geometric dimensioning or for someone looking to build on what they might already know. The learning material was explained clearly with high quality audio, diagrams and handout examples throughout the course. The quizzes and the exam made these learnings concrete and has helped me to be a better engineer in design, manufacture and inspection.


Wondering if on-site training is the best fit for your team?

Evaluate all your learning options with our free GD&T training guide.