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At GD&T Basics, we ensure your whole team is able to work with GD&T properly. Our aim is to improve your company’s technical communication and ability to work with engineering drawings. Our course is approachable from all sides of the manufacturing process, and makes sure that your development, production and quality teams are all on the same page when it comes to GD&T print requirements.
"The GD&T Basics Course is very helpful, especially when you’re new to using the ASME Y14.5 2009 standard. Whether I am estimating, or looking at a print, GD&T is used one way or another. The instructors are extremely responsive with everything I asked answered less than a day later. This course has been extremely helpful for learning GD&T and a great resource!" 
Garrett A.
Production Machinist

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

GD&T Basics is a video-on-demand streaming course, that is available 24/7 on any device – even your smartphone.  You will have access to video content as well as review handouts and quiz questions to reinforce the material. For the course features and information how the interactive modules work, you can visit our Course Course Features Page, or download our features overview document.

To learn more about our training modules and what is included in the course you can visit our Lessons & Curriculum Page or simply download the current PDF of our GD&T Basics course right here.

It currently takes students anywhere from 14-18 hours to complete the course. We also make it a point to emphasize the important information that you will apply in your technical work as opposed to simply covering the standard from beginning to end. Information on what the program includes can be found on our Curriculum Page, or you can download our GD&T Basics syllabus here.

We offer a certification once 100% of the course is completed from our company, Pareto Learning LLC. We will also help with any verification of this certification if a company would like to contact us and have it available as a badge for your LinkedIn page.
For a company quotation, simply fill out the form found on this page. We have great discounts available for multiple licenses.
Our current pricing for individuals is found on our Course Pricing Page.Our Academic Partnership Contact Page also has information about our academic program discounts.

We prefer to be paid upfront by our QuickBooks invoice system which accepts Credit Cards and ACH transfers. Credit Card processing is always the fastest way to enroll your team as payment is instant. We also can accept PO’s for direct bank transfers or check orders. If your company has any extended billing preferences such as Net 30, please contact us directly about this as we typically require payment upfront for students to be instantly enrolled in the program (but we can make arrangements for certain situations).

All group rates are for our Premium Plan, where we offer direct student support though our course forum and email hotline allowing our instructors to reply to your questions within a day or two if you get stuck.
Our standard plan offers basic support through our forums only for technical or conceptual issues only and is not available for group rates.
 We always want to hear from our students and truly enjoy helping them conceptualize using GD&T in their work. GD&T is a powerful concept that is critical for communicating design intent between design, production and inspection. Our #1 goal is to make you confident when working with these concepts in an engineering setting and to make sure you leave our program with a solid skillset in GD&T.

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