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Find the best GD&T Training to improve your prints and production process

Learn how Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is used in the real world, not just in theory, with training tailored to provide practical engineering solutions.

Benefits of GD&T Basics Training

GD&T Made Easy

Overcome confusion and complexity with the GD&T Basics approach to GD&T training that will help you make better engineering decisions without overcomplicating things.

Practical Applications

Practice solving actual engineering problems by applying GD&T tolerances to real-world examples, instead of memorizing geometric tolerancing symbols you’ll never use.

Flexible Options

Take GD&T classes when and where it works for you, with a variety of GD&T course options and training methods suited for every learning preference, virtual or in-person.

Expert Guidance

Learn best practices firsthand from Senior-Level GD&T Certified instructors who bring real-world experience and advice to make our GD&T training more relatable.

Maximum Value

Get more GD&T training for your money with group rates and additional discounts for bundling more than one GD&T course, plus a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

Instant Results

See an immediate difference in your prints and production processes when you leave class equipped with tools you can actually use—instead of just useless knowledge.

Find Your Training Options

Get flexible GD&T training solutions for individuals and teams of any size

Training for Groups

Align your company’s design, manufacturing, and inspection processes with GD&T training for teams. Our courses are designed to solve your company’s toughest engineering challenges by streamlining communications, minimizing waste, improving quality, and controlling costs.

  • Free Consultation
  • On-site and Online Options
  • Group Discounts
  • Fully Customizable

Training for Myself

Boost your competence and confidence with self-paced online GD&T training for individuals. Built around our simplified framework, our GD&T online training uses real-world examples to equip you with practical skills you’ll actually use on the job.

  • 24/7 Video-On-Demand Access
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Real-World Job Skills
  • Certificate of Completion

Choose How You’d Like to Learn

Find the training method that fits your budget, schedule, and goals

Self-Paced Courses for Individuals

Best for individuals, our self-paced online GD&T training provides practical tolerancing knowledge at your own pace, with 24x7 access to our video-on-demand platform.

Self-Paced Training for Teams

Let your employees learn GD&T, anytime, anywhere, with group access to streaming, on-demand videos and quizzes—without shutting down your production line for class.

Custom Team Virtual Training

Get expert guidance from a certified instructor through real-time web conferencing, with a customized curriculum built around your team’s specific challenges and timelines.

On-Site GD&T Training

Bring GD&T expertise directly to your team with on-site GD&T training that’s customized around your company’s production processes with hands-on, in-person instruction.

Public Training

Attend a live GD&T training event packed with practical knowledge for teams and individuals alike. These trainings are open to the public, spanning four half-day sessions.

Customized Consulting

Reinforce your team’s GD&T acumen with customized consulting solutions and dedicated support tailored to solve specific engineering issues at your company.

Choose from these GD&T Course Options:

Print Reading and Tolerances

Build your basic technical print reading skills with our introductory course that shows you how to correctly read and interpret engineering drawings and tolerances.

GD&T Fundamentals

Enhance your GD&T competence with our fundamental framework for understanding and applying geometric tolerancing symbols to improve every step of production.

Advanced GD&T Training

Strengthen your technical aptitude with our advanced GD&T course, designed to make you comfortable navigating GD&T standards in real-world scenarios.

GD&T Inspection Training

Expand your GD&T toolbox with our course designed to bridge the gap between drawing requirements and effective inspection practices.


Why Clients Love Our Training

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Learning so much. I like your style. The presentations are thorough. The quizzes feel non-threatening and help cement the ideas.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The courses are well formatted, contain excellent graphics and animations, and provide clear explanations for tricky topics. After just a few weeks, the GD&T Basics Fundamentals course can teach you everything you need to know to read and use GD&T in a manufacturing workplace.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Recently, I passed the ASME GDTP Senior level exam. I got amazing help from your training course! Your lessons are great! Very easy! When I studied the ASME standard, it is just text, and text only... I only realized the true concept of each GD&T concept from your course.Thank you very much!

Mechanical Designer
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The course was extremely well-taught and made difficult concepts as easy as possible to grasp. Even after just 14 hours of this course I’m already one of the more knowledgeable people at my company with GD&T, because this course is thorough and leaves no gaping holes in knowledge. I’m looking forward to the advanced course.

Machine Shop Owner
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Very step by step instructions, makes understanding GD&T quite accessible for the average person. Was able to understand the information in the format provided quite easily. Previously I had purchased a book on GD&T to get a better understanding of it, the book was not helpful as it would just state something without having explained the foundation of what it meant. Would highly recommend.


Confused by All your Options?

Contact us for a free review of your Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing training needs so we can recommend the right program.

Why Should You Choose GD&T Basics?

Learning GD&T is easy with geometric dimensioning and tolerancing training from GD&T Basics.

Since launching our first GD&T course in 2015, we’ve trained nearly 10,000 engineers, managers, and machinists at hundreds of top companies like BMW, GE, Boeing, and NASA. Our Senior-Level ASME Certified instructors have helped our clients save countless hours and millions of dollars by preventing costly deviations and disputes with practical GD&T training. Let us be your GD&T Guide, too.

Who is This Training Designed for?

Anyone who works with engineering prints can benefit from GD&T training, whether you’re an industry veteran or new to the field. We’re talking to you:

Machine Shop Owners

Control your production costs and processes with GDT training designed to optimize your operations and help you make better engineering decisions.

Engineering and Production Managers

Manage your division more effectively by learning GD&T, a standardized language that streamlines communication around complex manufacturing specs.

Production Engineers

Produce more perfect parts with GD and T training that teaches you practical GDnT applications that directly impact—and improve—your production line.

Design Engineers

Enhance the manufacturability of your engineering designs by learning a proven system to communicate your design intent using GD&T tolerances and symbols.

Quality Engineers

Assure precision in every decision by learning how to accurately interpret prints, inspect parts, and investigate production issues using ASME standards.

CNC Machinists

Fabricate parts consistently to spec with GD&T training that makes you more efficient and productive, without overcomplicating your job.

What is GD&T Training like?

See how we teach GD&T symbols with examples in this sample lesson from one of our GD&T courses

Ready to Master GD&T But Not Sure Where to Begin?

Talk to a knowledgeable advisor from GD&T Basics to guide you through your options.

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