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Our public training events are hosted virtually with a live instructor for the most effective in-person training - completed from the comfort of your home or office.

New 2021 & 2022 dates, now available for registration.

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Learn how to gain the ability to confidently work with engineering drawings

  • In-Person and Online Options
  • Great for Students and Industry Professionals
  • Quizzes and Handouts Included
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Full Instructor Support
  • Real-World Applicable Training
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Fully customized training options to make the biggest impact for your team

  • On-Site & Online Options for Teams
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  • Fully Customized Live Training
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See how we've helped hundreds of students gain real-world engineering skills

  • Expertly Crafted, Interactive Content
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See for yourself how our course makes GD&T simple

We know our course will provide you with the best value anywhere: or your money back – Guaranteed. All of Our Plans come with a full 30-Day money back guarantee!

Why Choose GD&T Basics

For real work with engineering drawings

In the GD&T Basics Courses, we don’t just throw every concept at you - we make absolutely sure that what we teach is what you will actually need for real work with engineering drawings.

Top companies like BMW, Caterpillar, GE, John Deere, Boeing, and NASA use GD&T to specify how to control the functions of complex designs. Even the smallest companies who use engineering drawings will always require the ability to communicate geometric tolerances clearly on their prints. To put it simply… if your career or business involves reading or creating engineering designs or drawings, you will need GD&T.

This is the most practical and productive GD&T course you will ever find because it is based on what you will actually need to know in the engineering world!

What Our Students Are Saying

Recently, I passed the ASME GDTP Senior level exam. I got amazing help from your training course! Your lessons are great! Very easy! When I studied the ASME standard, it is just text, and text only... I only realized the true concept of each GD&T concept from your course.Thank you very much!

Juwon L. Mechanical Designer

The course was extremely well-taught and made difficult concepts as easy as possible to grasp. Even after just 14 hours of this course I’m already one of the more knowledgeable people at my company with GD&T, because this course is thorough and leaves no gaping holes in knowledge. I’m looking forward to the advanced course.

Logan V. Machine Shop Owner

For a fraction of the price and only a few flexible hours of your time

We will teach you all the GD&T knowledge you need while ensuring that you will be able to remember it, communicate with it, and apply it!

If you look around for a fundamentals of GD&T course you can pay anywhere from $1200 to $2000 per course! The problem is that most GD&T training programs are overly complex. They to cover the GD&T standard from top to bottom and cram in every theory without showing how you will be working with the concepts on the job.

Are you one of the following people who could use GD&T?

Current Engineering Students

Rarely do they teach what you need to know about GD&T in any college course, but it is used so often in the real world! Be sure you have GD&T on your resume before applying to any mechanical, automotive, or aeronautical engineering position.

CAD Engineers

If you are in a drafting role related to design, quality or manufacturing, you need to make sure you understand how GD&T is applied in the real world. If you are barely getting by with your current GD&T knowledge or think GD&T is just too confusing, we will simplify it for you!

Entry-Level Engineers/Technicians

GD&T is a must on your resume when applying for jobs or when trying to advance in your current career. Most manufacturing or mechanical companies will not even consider candidates without a foundation in GD&T.

Engineering & Production Managers 

It is essential that your whole team is on the same page when it comes to working with engineering drawings. GD&T is the full language of engineering drawings. When your workforce has a full grasp of GD&T they become more collaborative and effective in their work.

CNC Machinists

knowing how to control and measure for GD&T is a MUST. You will often require geometric tolerancing on the parts you fabricate to ensure proper function and a happy customer.

Machine Shop Owner or Operator

Understanding how to translate your designer’s intent and find cost-saving alternatives is incredibly important to your business. GD&T gives you the power to control your process and parts without over-constraining tolerances that are impossible to hold.

On-site, Online, & Custom Training For Teams

Companies, Schools, and Groups

Get flexible and customized training for your team.

We have special group discounts designed to ensure your whole team is fully knowledgeable. Simply send us a message and we will contact you with a custom proposal for your company, school or group!

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