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Ambiguous engineering prints can create confusion and delays as designers, machinists, and inspectors argue about multiple interpretations of a drawing. These miscommunications trigger costly deviations, change requests, and scrap parts that destroy your company’s reputation and bottom line.

The right Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing team training can bring your company’s design, manufacturing, and inspection processes into sync—boosting quality and efficiency in every stage of production.

How companies benefit from GD&T Basics Team Training

GD&T Made Easy

Learn the simple GD&T Basics framework to make better engineering decisions instantly without having to memorize the entire ASME standard

Practical Examples

Gain confidence using GD&T on real-world examples pulled from your company’s prints, with team training focused on practical application, not theory

Interactive Learning

Engage with senior-level GD&T Certified instructors who have years of engineering experience and working knowledge of GD&T best practices

Tailored to Your Team

Customize your team’s training plan, timeline, and delivery method to fit your company’s budget, schedule, and specific objectives

Aligned Approach

Standardize your operation with GD&T group training designed to eliminate disagreements by teaching your entire team to speak a common language

Industry Experience

Conquer niche-specific production challenges with GD&T team training customized for industries like aerospace, automotive, biomed, and defense

Driven by Results

Empower your team to solve company-specific production issues with GD&T team training programs designed to drive results, not just enforce rules

Ongoing Support

Reinforce your team’s GD&T competence with ongoing support and helpful resources to guide your company after completing the course

Brands Using Our GD&T Training Course

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Who benefits from GD&T Team Training?

Everyone in your company who works with engineering prints can benefit from GD&T Basics Team Training.

Owners and Executives

Control production costs and processes throughout your operation by investing in GD&T team training to optimize your company with a standard-backed system for making better engineering decisions.

Engineering & Production Managers

Streamline communication between departments, customers, and suppliers with a standardized engineering language, instead of wasting time, money, and materials on costly deviations and disputes.

Design Engineers

Improve the quality of your company’s engineering prints with GD&T team training that equips engineers to design parts that are easier and less expensive to manufacture and inspect.

Production Engineers

Simplify your production process instead of overcomplicating it, with a practical approach to GD&T training that empowers your manufacturing team to produce parts to spec more consistently.

Quality Engineers

Ensure quality throughout your operation by training quality engineers to inspect parts accurately, minimizing rejections and non-conformance reports to keep customers and suppliers happy.

CNC Machinists

Produce parts to spec more systematically and avoid manufacturing errors by giving machinists a practical framework to simplify production and reduce unnecessary scrap.

GD&T Team Training Options

Find the right GD&T team training solution to fit your company’s size, budget, schedule, and specific production goals.

Virtual Live Training

Engage your team in virtual GD&T training, customized to meet the needs of companies working remotely or who need flexible training days, with real-time guidance from a live online instructor.

On-Site Training

Unify your team with customized GD&T group training from a live instructor who travels to your facility, using your company’s product drawings to explain GD&T in terms your team can understand.

Self-Paced Online

Equip your entire team with convenient access to our self-paced online GD&T courses, giving your employees the flexibility to learn anytime, at work or remotely, on any device.

Public Seminars

Register as a group, for a public seminar or online webinar to quickly advance your team’s GD&T skills through a live training event packed with practical knowledge. Best for small groups. 

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Group Training Success Stories

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The benefit of getting our entire group on the same page with interpreting our drawings was invaluable. A sure sign that the group was engaged in the material is the fact that many of them stayed after class each day to discuss our applications and drawings and what we could do to improve them. The instructors are very knowledgeable, made it fun, and did a great job with the training. We appreciate the fact that GD&T Basics was flexible and able to customize the training for our specific needs.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

We had a very large group of machinists, Manufacturing Engineers, and Quality Assurance personnel. Due to the size of the group, we were concerned about hurting production by pulling so many employees off the shop floor at the same time. GD&T Basics was able to create a custom 5-day On-Site training program and split our employees into two groups – morning and afternoon sessions. Their flexibility and willingness to solve our problems is what set GD&T Basics apart from the other program providers we evaluated.


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