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Print Reading and Tolerances

8-12 Hours

25+ Lessons

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  • Course Description

    Misinterpreting technical prints can cause communication breakdowns, costly downtime, and frustrating disagreements. Unfortunately, many industry professionals spend years pretending like they know how to effectively read engineering drawings, while struggling to understand what all the symbols and tolerances really mean. There’s a better way to overcome this confusion and interpret prints with confidence and clarity.

    Our Print Reading and Tolerances course, formerly known as Engineering Drawing Basics, makes it easy to read, interpret, and understand technical prints. We break down the complexities of engineering drawings into key concepts that apply to every print, using a mix of documented standards, shop floor knowledge, and real-world examples. This introductory course equips you to work with actual engineering drawings by teaching a proven process to interpret prints the right way every time.

  • Course Objectives

    By the time you complete this course, you’ll be able to:

    • Recognize and understand the most common symbols found on engineering drawings
    • Identify the pertinent manufacturing information on a print, such as units of measure, general tolerances, revision history, bill of material, and other critical data
    • Decipher different dimensioning methods used on engineering drawings to determine what dimensional tolerances really mean
    • Interpret various views and line types on 2D drawings to visualize the full geometry of a part or assembly in 3D

    You’ll leave this course equipped to read, interpret, and understand real engineering drawings—and empowered to work more confidently, communicate more clearly, and produce parts more efficiently.

  • Who it is for

    Anyone who works with prints or makes decisions with them, regardless of technical background, can benefit from Print Reading and Tolerances. Our course is approachable at any level, with no previous print reading experience required.

    Our Print Reading and Tolerances course is ideal for:

    • Entry-level Designers
    • Inspectors and Inspection Planners
    • Sales and Purchasing Professionals
    • Entry-level Engineers
    • Machinists and Operators
    • Managers and Supervisors
    • Production Associates
    • And anyone else who works with engineering prints

    Don’t forget the rest of your crew! Maximize your team’s print reading proficiency and align the whole production line by training your entire team together. Contact us for group pricing discounts and customized training programs designed around your company’s specific needs.

  • Requirements (Materials and Classes)

    • No prerequisite training
    • No prior experience needed
    • No additional materials to purchase – everything you’ll need is included (see below)
  • What is Included

    • 24/7 access to our online course on any device for 3-12 months, depending on the training program chosen:
      • 3-month access with live training
      • 6-month access for individuals with online training
      • 12-month access for groups with online training
    • Direct instructor email support with access to pre-recorded video answers
    • Live and pre-recorded webinars offering design, production, and inspection walk-throughs
    • Helpful charts, drawing examples, practice exercise worksheets, and other printable handouts
    • Quizzes and knowledge checks to gauge progress throughout the course
    • Certificate of course completion along with a LinkedIn Skills Endorsement
  • Available Formats (Learning Methods)

    Learn how to read engineering drawings whenever, wherever, and however is most convenient for you. Our Print Reading and Tolerances course is available in the following formats:

    • On-Site Training, where an instructor visits your facility to provide customized hands-on training for your team
    • Virtual Training, where an instructor provides customized training for your team through live video conferencing
    • Online Course, where you access quizzes and videos-on-demand to progress through training at your own pace—either alone or along with your team
    • Hybrid Learning, where you combine the self-paced online course with customized consulting to reinforce your print reading competence

    Whether you prefer to learn on your own or with a live instructor, in a group, online, or in-person, we can design a training plan tailored to meet your needs.

  • Curriculum

    Download the course syllabus for Print Reading and Tolerances HERE.

Course Pricing

Print Reading and Tolerances


Individual Course

  • Single Course - Print Reading and Tolerances
  • 6-Month Access to Online Training
  • 25+ Print Reading Lessons
  • Quizzes, Charts, Examples and More
  • Direct Instructor Student Support
  • Access to Bonus Webinars & Materials
  • 100% Completion Certificate

Drawing Basics Bundle


*After $100 Two-Course Bundle Discount!

  • Print Reading and Tolerances + GD&T Fundamentals
  • 12-Month Access to Online Training
  • Everything Included in the Individual Course Plus...
  • 35+ GD&T Lessons
  • 14 GD&T Symbols Explained
  • Access to Bonus Webinars & Materials
  • 2 Completion Certificates

Engineering Expert Bundle


*After $200 Three-Course Bundle Discount!

  • Print Reading and Tolerances + GD&T Fundamentals + GD&T Advanced
  • 12-Month Access to Online Training
  • Everything Included in the Basics Bundle Plus...
  • 30+ Advanced GD&T Application Concepts
  • Access to Bonus Webinars & Materials
  • 3 Completion Certificates

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Why Students Love Print Reading and Tolerances

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

This course is well-rounded, comprehensive, and taught by a great teacher. I was seeking a revision of the basics as I recently graduated and have entered the job market. To my surprise, this course offered much more than I knew about engineering drawing and provided a full perspective of how things are done in the industry. The challenging exercises and webinars are an added bonus. Definitely recommended to students, teachers, and engineers!

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

I am a Salesman and have been in the BPO industry for quite sometime, I have never been to the Engineering Field up until I got hired by Rigid Technologies Co., Ltd. in Thailand. After searching a lot of guides and reviews about this field, I finally encountered GD&T Basics. Engineering Drawing Basics is what I really needed and looking forward to more learnings from this company. I may be lucky because everytime I have a question, I got answers in timely manner (I am in Thailand more or less 12 hours ahead of USA) but they can reply immediately. The topics were clearly explained in the videos, the pdf files summarizes the lesson in each chapter, Brandon explains very well to me about my questions and support is always available. 


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