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At GD&T Basics we're always focused on creating interactive online and webinar consulting options for our clients. With public training becoming less of a possibility, our main focus is to continue to offer solutions to any problems you may be facing - in place of meeting in person. We're happy to work with your entire team remotely, to provide a customized and live training solution. We also offer several comprehensive online courses, which are also great options for virtual team training. Check out all of our distance-learning options below.

Distance Learning Training Options

Custom Interactive Training for your Whole Team

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Public Training Workshops

If you work with drawings, you know that GD&T is now the industry standard for communicating requirements on your engineering prints. Accurate communication is critical when it comes to working with other departments, suppliers, customers and anyone who works with your parts. 

With the GD&T Basics Public Training, you will learn a simple framework that will allow you to understand how GD&T is used and why. We don’t throw every concept at you – we make absolutely sure that what we teach is what you will actually need in the real world. 

It is our #1 goal that you retain the information you will learn and make a noticeable impact at your company when you get back from training!

What Makes our Program Different

At our company, Engineer Essentials, we pride ourselves on the realistic approach that we take with our training. Although we are a big fan of using GD&T and use it in our work every day, we are not evangelists of the standard – we are realists. Through our work with so many companies, we understand that there needs to be a simplified approach to begin applying GD&T. Haphazardly adding GD&T symbols to drawings is one of the worst practices as this just leads to extra costs and confusion. Our program is designed to have a focus on the functional aspects of using GD&T while also keeping in mind real-world manufacturing and inspection challenges that companies face every day.

We promise, once you take our training & understand our GD&T framework, you will drastically improve the way you work with your drawings. We don’t want you to just understand theory – we want you to apply what you learn!

Upcoming Public Training Seminars

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No Current In-Person Public Seminars are scheduled due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay tuned for announcements of our live Web-Based GD&T and Engineering Drawing Seminars

What's Included with the Public Training?

  • Training Hosted by our Certified ASME Senior-Level Trainers
  • 6 Months of Online Access to our Online Platform ($299 Value)**
  • Printed Premium GD&T Wall Chart
  • GD&T Pocket Guide
  • Review Handout Booklet
  • 16 PDHs (Personal Development Hours)
  • Certificate of Completion Per Session & LinkedIn GD&T Skills Endorsement
  • Continental Breakfast and Lunch Provided Each Training Day

Training Courses Offered at Public Seminars

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Print Reading

1-Day Training - Learn how to read and interpret Engineer Drawings/Blueprints

GD&T Fundamentals

2-Day Training - Learn the simple framework that will help you understand and retain GD&T topics

GD&T Advanced Course

GD&T Advanced

2-Day Training - Learn how GD&T is applied in the real world – not just in theory

Evening Class Reception

Included with your training, join us for our evening reception after your first day of class. Meet the instructors and creators behind the program and talk with other students in the same position in a relaxing environment. Learn more about the industry, ask questions, provide feedback and enjoy free food and drinks. We don't want to just be your trainers, we want to learn more about you and how we can help you as a professional.

See What our Past Attendees Have Said About the Training

Whatever training I have taken so far in my years of CAD & CAM experience, I found this training as one of the best! The one thing that I liked the most about this training was the way of explaining or explanation, representing things, simulations on the projector screen was absolutely perfect. I believe when we give training to other people, the most important thing is the method of explanation and this training had that!

This was a great training! Tom was extremely knowledgeable and explained confusing concepts clearly. The course materials (PowerPoint, Slides, & Wall Chart) were also done really well - very clear and good visual examples. I have a much better understanding of GD&T now.

How Does the Public Training Work?

How do I Register for a Public Training Seminar?

To register for our upcoming Public Training Workshop, please visit the specific page for the training date that you wish to register for. You can find the registration button there. If you need an invoice for company or group registrations, reach out to us and we will provide an invoice to pay online or with a company PO.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! We offer 10% discount on 3 or more employees registered from the same company.

Who should attend the Public Training?

Our Fundamentals Training Course is designed to be very approachable and geared towards everyone from entry-level to those with intermediate experience. To take this training, you should have some experience in a design, production or inspection environment working with engineering drawings. You should also be able to understand how parts are represented and viewed on a print. No prior GD&T knowledge is required, though!

Our Advanced Training Course will review items learned in the Fundamentals Course. We recommend completion of our Fundamentals Course, or an equivalent course, prior to registering for the Advanced Training Course. Check out our bundle options that provide both the Fundamentals and Advanced Courses for a discounted price.

Who is Engineer Essentials - About Us

Engineer Essentials, formally Pareto Learning, is the parent company for GD&T Basics. We aim to provide the best online and in-person training for engineering professionals and students alike. 

Learn more about our team by visiting our About Us page