Our Mission with GD&T

For too long, learning GD&T has been a complex mess.

Not to say that GD&T is, in itself, too overly complicated, but the way it has been taught demands that you understand every possible concept before applying it. It doesn’t help that the standard itself is written like the United States tax code – it seems overly complicated and with so much confusing content. It really is no wonder that there are a lot of designers and machine shops who just abandon the use of GD&T altogether. This is what prompted us to create GD&T Basics, as a division of our engineering training company, Engineer Essentials (formally Pareto Learning LLC).

Our goal is to be your best source for GD&T information online! It is important to us that everyone involved with engineering and machining has the chance to learn and better understand GD&T. We offer custom training solutions for both individuals and companies to help increase and clarify your knowledge of GD&T.

We strongly believe that you can learn and apply GD&T if you break the concepts down and relate them to how they are actually used in the real world – not just what is written in the standards. GD&T can be a huge benefit to those companies that adopt it. In fact, GD&T allows companies to save time, money, and headache by only focusing on what is functionally necessary for their product.

Our passion is to make GD&T approachable and understandable. After using our course material, we promise a strong foundation in your GD&T Knowledge that you can confidently apply in your work.

Lead Course Developer and Creator of GD&T Basics

Tom Geiss

Certified ASME GD&T Senior-Level Professional

Tom is a Design Engineer who has worked within the automotive industry (BMW Manufacturing and ZF Transmissions) for the past decade. His love of engineering led him to study the fundamentals of what is required to understand the requirements of design through all stages of a part's production. Throughout his entire career, he has studied Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing and how it could be better applied to the automotive and mechanical fields.

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Tom Geiss - GD&T Basics

Engineering Training Manager and Head Trainer

Brandon John

Certified ASME GD&T Senior-Level Professional

Brandon is a journeyman machinist with 25 years of experience in design, machining, CNC programming, and manufacturing. He is currently the Engineering Training Manager and Head Trainer at Engineer Essentials. He is the resident expert with SolidWorks, Inventor, GibbsCAM, Geomagic DesignX, and Polyworks.

Brandon holds a degree in Engineering and graduated with honors from Tulsa Community College. He has spent most of his career taking a product from concept to production. He is an expert at teaching others how to turn ideas into functional 3D models with all supporting drawings, fixture design, gauge design, and inspection reports.

In his spare time, Brandon enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. He is also an avid whitewater kayaker and outdoor enthusiast.

Connect with Brandon on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/brandon-john-gdt

Marketing & Account Manager

Emily Haberern

Emily oversees all customer accounts, sales, and marketing processes with Engineer Essentials. She is the lead point of contact for all students, companies, and individuals seeking training or any other customer service needs. 

Emily is a life-time learner whose true passion is to educate and help others advance - personally and professionally. With an initial background in Education, Emily shares the same goals and values as our company - simplifying a complex engineering world through real-world and applicable education processes.

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