Custom GD&T Consulting Services/Workshops

Drawing Checking
Inspection Planning
Drawing Conversion

Custom GD&T Consulting Services Available

Drawing Checking Reviews

Have ASME Certified Professional look over your engineering drawings to give recommendations & make sure that your design, production & inspection will interpret things correctly.

Inspection Planning Services

Do you have engineering prints but are unsure about which equipment to use, how to inspect the features, or how to make a plan for quick inspection.

Certified ASME Professional Interpretation

Do you have a dispute between employees, departments or your customers? Have a Certified GD&T Professional Review the prints and give you the ASME standard interpretation for your issue with a detailed explanation backed up from the ASME standards.

General Coaching, Conversions & Guidance

Need 1 on 1 help learning GD&T, converting older drawings or just general advice? We are happy to help in any way we can.

Contact us with Your Specific Consulting Request

Sometimes you need more than just training - you need help solving an issue quickly. Engineer Essentials employs a team of engineering specialists that can help you figure out a solution for your engineering drawings, inspection processes or General GD&T Issues.