The only online engineering drawings course that prepares you to work with real prints.

Engineering Drawings are the core form of communication for the work we all do.

If you work with parts or are involved with production or manufacturing in any way, you know how important Engineering Drawings are to your day to day work. Regardless of your role, technical or non-technical, for most people in the mechanical engineering industry, you simply cannot go a single day without interacting, reading, or interpreting technical prints.

However, the #1 thing we hear from our clients and industry partners is that most of their employees simply do not have the skills to correctly interpret their engineering prints. In fact, most experienced professionals will tell you that they had to fake their understanding of prints for years. After all, there are so many rules and different types of drawings out there - most people are barely getting by but are afraid to speak up.

How confident are you working with your prints?

  • Have you ever looked at a 2D print and had trouble visualizing it in a 3D world?
  • Are you struggling to understand what all the tolerances & symbols mean on your print?
  • Do you have to pretend to know how to read prints but are lost & confused?

The truth is, it's not your fault if you never learned how to understand your prints.

Most companies expect their employees to have this skill already when they start their job or simply never get around to training for it. Also, the skill of working with real industrial prints is not taught in most schools (especially for engineers!), and most people only piece together how to read prints after years of trial and error on the job. It's no wonder why companies worry about the lack of drawing communication - no one has had the chance to really learn it!

Engineering drawings don't have to be confusing, and you do not need to spend years trying to understand how to work with every print you come across - there is a much easier way.

With the Engineering Drawing Basics Course, you will learn a simplified approach to your prints that will allow you to work more confidently, communicate clearly, & make a bigger impact in your career.

While engineering drawings can seem overwhelming at first, learning to read prints is much easier than you think!

Regardless of your experience, role, or technical background – anyone can fully understand and interpret engineering drawings. This skill is accessible for everyone, not just engineers! 

  • How great would it be to pick up a print and instantly be able to understand the information you need for your tasks that day? 
  • Imagine how much smoother meetings would run if most people in the meeting understood your part prints.
  • How much more would you and your team be able to get done if everyone was on the same page? 

The Engineering Drawing Basics Course is designed to be very approachable for everyone - No prior Print or GD&T experience required!

Are you an industry professional who needs to use engineering drawings every day?

  • Entry-level designers
  • Machinist/ Operators
  • Inspectors
  • Managers/Supervisors
  • Sales & Purchasing
  • Production Associates
  • Entry-level engineers
  • Anyone who needs to work with engineering prints...

Engineering Drawing Basics

Course Objectives

Being able to read and correctly interpret an engineering drawing is essential for most roles in the industry today. The objective of this course is to make sure that you understand how to read, interpret and work with engineering drawings in a day to day setting. You will learn how to work with prints from a mix of documented engineering standards, shop floor knowledge, and real-world examples. Our material breaks down the complexity of engineering drawings into the key concepts that will apply to every print you will see.

After taking our course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the most important information to look at when you first pick up an engineering drawing
  • Recognize the pertinent manufacturing information such as units of measure (in vs mm), general tolerances, revision history, bill of material and other critical data right away.
  • Visualize the different ways 3D parts are projected on 2D drawings and how to the different ways the full geometry of the part or assembly is presented.
  • Determine how key information is organized in notes, symbols and title blocks
  • Interpret the different view and line types used in drawings and what they mean for visualizing the part’s geometry.
  • Understand dimensioning methods used on an engineering drawing and what dimensional tolerances really mean.
  • Identify the common symbols found on an engineering drawing and understand the meaning of each.

You can view all of the topics reviewed in this course by clicking here to view the course curriculum.

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    Our team here at GD&T Basics has spent years simplifying and clarifying the complex world of GD&T. We have taken our 80/20 approach that has helped thousands of people understand GD&T and applied it to this course. We think you will find that this is the most comprehensive, yet understandable program you will find in your technical career. Print reading is probably the most important skill all of us can have - we hope to help you learn it and make a big impact in your career.

    Test Your Knowledge of Engineering Drawings

    Most people don't realize that they've been misinterpreting drawings or that they could benefit from training on Engineering Prints. Take this short quiz to test your knowledge and see if it could benefit you today!

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    FAQ - Engineering Drawing Basics

    I've been working with Engineering Drawings for years. Do I still need this course?

    Most of our clients are extremely surprised at how much they learn from our Engineering Drawing Basics course. Print/drawing reading is such a broad topic, that most people do not know what they are missing. Our course is great for those who are brand new to engineering drawings or for those who have been working with prints for years! 

    With our course, you will learn new tactics, lessons, and best practices for reading and dealing with engineering drawings. You never know - even though you've been dealing with prints for several years, you might learn something new or learn a better way of doing things that you never thought about! 

    Will I be able to design parts from scratch after taking this course?

    No, this course is not intended to help you design parts from scratch – for this, we recommend years of practice and experience.

    This print reading course is intended for those who are new to creating drawings, or for those who interpreting drawings. This course will help you to gain the skills needed to interpret existing drawings. 

    Although, if you are new to drawings or an entry-level designer, this skill is mandatory knowledge that your employer will require you to know before you begin designing parts. This course can help provide a solid foundation to begin designing parts.

    After all, all great authors first had to learn how to read.

    Why is Engineering Drawing training important?

    Being able to read and correctly interpret an engineering drawing is essential for most roles in the industry today. Most people do not have the opportunity to receive formal print reading training - it is not taught in most schools and most people only learn how to read prints on the job. Most people are unaware of most of the concepts they work with every day and misunderstand some of the most important aspects and symbols on their prints. 

    With the Drawing Basics training, you'll learn the proven process to interpret drawings the same way and the right way every time. You'll have a better understanding of what your customers & suppliers are doing on their prints and ensure that you have clear communication between your customers & suppliers.

    Should I take this Engineering Drawing Basics course before a GD&T Training Course?

    We recommend that everyone complete our Engineering Drawings Basics course before beginning a GD&T Training course. However, it is not required before taking the GD&T Course - just highly recommended.

    Everyone needs Print Reading! Without it, you will struggle with GD&T. Even if you have years of experience reading engineering drawings, you could still be interpreting them incorrectly. Without professional training, you may never know that you've been miss-interpreting them all along. Learn how to identify the most common mistakes and how to avoid them - and give yourself a solid foundation of understanding before jumping into GD&T Training.

    What is the Engineering Drawing Basics Pilot Program?

    Our Pilot Program provides you with priority access to our newly released Engineering Drawings Basics Course. 

    Included with the Pilot Program you will receive: 

    • 25% off the original course price
    • Over one year extended access to the course until July 1, 2021 (normally 6 months)
    • 18 Complete lessons at launch with many more lessons added through the first year
    • Periodic notifications, announcements, and ways to provide feedback regarding the course

    We want your feedback regarding your learning experience as we continue to add new lessons and update the program during the first year. Our goal is to provide you with the best, most up-to-date training resources.

    How does the Online course work?

    GD&T Basics is a video-on-demand streaming course, that is available 24/7 on any device – even your smartphone. You will have access to video content as well as review handouts and quiz questions to reinforce the material. For the course features and information on how the interactive modules work, you can visit our Course Features Page.

    How long is the online training?

    Our Engineering Drawing Basics Course contains roughly 12 hours of video content. On average, it takes 16-18 hours for our students to complete the course - this including the time it takes to complete the quizzes after each lesson, the final exam, and review the additional training materials. Simply put, if you can dedicate 30 minutes a day to the training course, you could complete the Engineering Drawing Basics course in less than one month.

    Do you offer group rates?

    Yes! We offer group discounts for 2 or more participants in the training. Please visit our Teams training page to request a quote for our group training discounts.