Having a good understanding of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is very important for anyone working in a mechanical field. GD&T is the language used in design, manufacturing, and quality inspection to communicate on engineering prints. It combines a set of symbols, rules and principles to ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding how a feature or part is defined. In addition to improving communication between design, manufacturing, and inspection, having an in-depth understanding of GD&T also simplifies tolerances, reduces error, and reduces scrap.

So, what is your experience with GD&T? Is Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing completely new to you, or have you been using it for some time? If you have been implementing GD&T, how in-depth is your knowledge?

To help you answer this question, we have created a short quiz to test your GD&T knowledge.  This 20 question, multiple choice quiz is an introduction to some of the topics covered in our GD&T Basics courses. The questions will reveal your understanding of where key information is found on a drawing, GD&T symbols and application of form tolerances, datums and how they control degrees of freedom, and much more. We’ve packed a lot into a small quiz!

Once you complete the 20 questions, you will have the option to simply see your score or you can enter your contact information to receive an email with your detailed results – showing your answer choice and the correct answer for each question. How well you do on the quiz will show whether you have mastered the basics of GD&T, and the detailed results will indicate where you still need some work. Click on the image below to start the quiz! 

If you’re not yet a GD&T master, we’ve got you covered! If you are a beginner, we offer courses that cover the basics of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. If you have mastered the basics, we have an advanced course that builds upon the basic GD&T knowledge to give a more comprehensive understanding of GD&T standards and their application. Our GD&T Basics courses teach how Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing is applied in the real world – not just in theory. We break down all of the complex GD&T topics into easy to learn concepts, allowing you to make an instant impact on your work! Learn more about our GD&T courses and pick the course that is right for you!

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