Making the decision to invest in GD&T training isn’t always easy. And even once you’ve made that call, you still need to pick a program that’ll teach your team what they need to know.  

While the concepts of GD&T are the same no matter who’s teaching, not all training programs are equal. Our instructional approach — to focus on functional knowledge using real-world examples — is the reason why GD&T Basics is the best in the business. And that approach works so well because our staff brings a wealth of industry experience to the classroom.  

Meet Brandon:

Brandon John is our lead trainer and mentor. He’s also a veteran engineer and expert in design, machining, and inspection. He loves engineering. He loves learning. He loves working with and teaching engineers how to understand and solve the problems they face in their jobs.  

There’s nothing he likes more than talking shop. Seriously.  

He’s been working in production since 1995 — and continues to consult with and mentor many friends, neighbors, and former coworkers and clients. In his 28 years, he’s worked in every industry using all sorts of materials, from plastics to exotic metals. He understands how things are made, and his experience has taught him how to make a lot of things well. 

School & Certifications 

He became a licensed journeyman machinist in 2001 after receiving machining and CNC programming degrees from Oklahoma State University. He’s a certified ASME GD&T Senior-Level professional and is certified in both Inventor and SolidWorks. 

Work Experience 

Brandon started out as a machinist and designer at Caterpillar. Next, he worked for Kidd Machine as a CNC programmer. Then he went to Marvin Windows and Doors doing CNC programming, manual machining and designing parts, tooling, and fixturing in R&D. At Marvin, he also became their rapid prototyping and 3D printing specialist while managing their 3D printing department.  

From there, he worked for MC Machining manually turning crankshafts for aircraft carriers. Along the way, he ran a side business teaching CNC programming for 10 years. Then he worked at Hendricks for 5 years as a CNC programmer, tool and fixture designer, and onsite trainer for Gibbs CAM software. 

His next stop was Wabtec-GE Transportation, where he worked for a decade as a design engineer creating power collection systems and pantographs for trains around the world — while also operating as the resident expert on both the CMM machine and Polyworks software. 

After that, Brandon joined GD&T Basics as Lead Instructor, and Wabtec became a client.  

He still loves solving students’ and neighbors’ engineering problems, improving his machining skills, and nerding out on the finer points of the ASME Y14.5 standard when he’s not teaching.

Customer Reviews:

I am a huge fan of Brandon.
He has helped me in so many ways over the past couple of years.  For example, when I have disputes at work with other colleagues about GD&T – they tell me, you better call your Sensei (which is Brandon) and he always settles the disputes. Whenever I email or call Brandon with a question, he always gets back to me in a timely manner. His explanations are a combination of an email with pictures and/or very descriptive instructions over the phone.  He does whatever it takes to get the point across and I appreciate his explanations, as he breaks things down so I can understand them better. Brandon also offers Webinars which are great tools to take advantage of. Brandon isn’t just a GD&T instructor, he’s been in the industry as a machinist and designer for years, he gets it, that’s one of the many reasons he is such a good lead trainer.”

Sam Glazebrook – Mechanical Design Engineer

Brandon John has been an huge asset to me since I have been linked to GD&T Basics! Every time I have reached out to the hotline he has been there and able to answer my questions in a timely manner and makes it easy to understand. If I am not on the same page I can reach back out and he can elaborate to get me on the same page. He has been invaluable to me and I am extremely grateful being able to learn with him.”

Alan Arnott – Quality Associate Sr. II

If you want Brandon to help you, too, contact us and set up your GD&T training today! 

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