We do things differently at GD&T Basics. When we teach GD&T, we focus on practical applications, using real-world examples and actual drawings rather than relying on GD&T theory. We emphasize the core concepts that are needed to improve your drawings, production process, and inspection guidelines – and we are able to do this so well because of the vast amount of industry experience that our instructors bring to the table.

Meet Molly:

Molly Olson is one of our expert GD&T Instructors, with a wealth of valuable real-world experience in quality control and inspection. She has spent nearly 20 years as a Quality Inspector and CMM Programmer and Operator across several different industries, including aerospace, firearms, robotics, and prosthetics.

Molly is a self-motivated, continual learner with an enthusiasm for GD&T and a love of teaching. She first began learning GD&T on the job and seized every opportunity to take courses to expand her knowledge. She quickly became the in-house GD&T expert at the companies where she worked, helping Engineers with their drawing questions and training her co-workers in GD&T. Molly loves seeing the “lightbulb” moment when someone finally grasps something they have been struggling with. It’s easy to understand why she is a highly requested instructor for our inspection & quality customers!


Molly has numerous Quality/Inspection and GD&T certifications, including:

  • ASQ CQI Certification
  • Hexagon Certification Levels
    • 101 PC-DMIS CAD++
    • 201 PC-DMIS CAD++ /202 PC-DMIS Scanning
    • 301 PC-DMIS CAD++
  • Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced GD&T Certificates
  • ASME Senior GDTP 2009 Certified Professional

Work Experience

Molly began her career with the aerospace company, Wencor, which manufactures aerospace components with FAA Parts Manufacturing Authority (PMA). She began her time there as a receiving inspector, then moved within that company to become an ASQ CQI Certified QC Inspector, and then on to a CMM Programmer/Operator.

After her time at Wencor, Molly took a CMM Programmer position at Freedom Innovations, a prosthetics manufacturer. Her next career stop was at Desert Tech, a firearm manufacturer, where she was the Lead CMM Programmer. She was quickly moved within that company into the role of QC Inspection Supervisor and Lead Programmer.

Molly also worked as a QC Inspector and CMM Programmer for the robotics company, Sarcos, and aerospace manufacturer, Atec Inc., before we welcomed her here at GD&T Basics as a GD&T Instructor.

Molly’s goal as a GD&T trainer is to help people enjoy utilizing all the benefits they gain from using GD&T correctly, while making it as painless as possible.

If you would like to benefit from Molly’s experience, contact us to set up your GD&T training today!

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