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Quality Assurance

As a company operating in quality assurance, you’re in the uniquely difficult position of needing to be a leader in many other fields. You’re not only making test equipment, but using it to inspect customer parts and coaching those customers how to properly use the equipment as well. This particular relationship means that your application engineers, inspectors and technicians are often the ambassadors of geometric dimensioning and tolerancing to your customers.

GD&T symbols on a print are, by definition, the inspection requirements, so your people need to have deep knowledge of GD&T to bolster and maintain your reputation. It’s not enough to understand the intricacy of the symbols on a given print, your people need to be able recognize when GD&T has been used improperly and are able to clarify design specifications as needed. Many times, the designers you’re working with aren’t inspection experts, and your group fills that gap with their inspection expertise.

And that expertise is really the product you’re selling, even more than the inspection and testing services and equipment. Whether your customer is buying a set of micrometers or is signing a multimillion dollar testing contract to go with a $600k CMM machine, they’re relying on your knowledge to help implement an inspection program that delivers a quality product. Your knowledge base needs to be broad because you’re working with customers in many different industries, and you’ve got to be able to interpret, understand and apply GD&T to their prints.

We know how important your relationship is with your customers, because like you, GD&T Basics works closely with our clients to meet their needs and provide support when they need it. We’ve worked with Dayton T. Brown, Mitutoyo, Capture 3D and z-CAT to get their people the depth of knowledge they need to be successful.

When it comes to GD&T, we view your role as a QA company as similar to our own. Our instructors have decades of experience in an array of industries, both as engineers and as GD&T consultants, and we bring that breadth of knowledge to every training. We understand how GD&T is applied across industries, and are familiar with the challenges you face in dealing with a wide range of designs and parts. We know the product lifecycle from design through to inspection, so we know where and why requirements originate.

When your people train with GD&T Basics, they not only get the base knowledge of the ASME 14.5Y standard, but also the context of how a part will function, and how it’ll be made and inspected, too. Our program is designed to simplify GD&T concepts and we coach our students to become GD&T experts who can explain GD&T to your customers in a straightforward way. And, we offer monthly webinars to our clients that include full inspection plans and the details of how to verify a design – all of which can serve as a template for how to teach your own customers.

Contact us today and we’ll work together to build your team’s perfect training program.