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Manufacturing Services

As a supplier of manufacturing services, you’ve got to be able to interpret your customers’ drawings, then properly manufacture and inspect the parts to your customer’s specifications. If you can’t, then you’re at a competitive disadvantage whether you do system design, provide assembly services, operate a machine shop, or are casting, forging, molding or additive manufacturing. You’re one part of a large, intricate, networked system.

When you’re situated in the middle of a deep supply chain, the success of your business hinges on the quality of your relationships with your customers and suppliers – and good communication is critical to maintaining those relationships. You’ve got to fully comprehend your customer’s requirements to avoid miscommunications and deliver what they need. And being clear on your customers’ requirements is necessary to ensure that your vendors can understand and deliver what you need from them.

Using GD&T puts every link in the supply chain on the same page – and even when they aren’t, GD&T enables disputes to be resolved quickly. That’s key, because as a component supplier you have little, if any, influence over the designs you’re working with, but your parts still have to fit into your customers’ systems and assemblies.

The number one reason people come to GD&T Basics for training is to help their people better manage relationships with customers and suppliers. Our program is based upon the idea that simplifying GD&T concepts is the best way to help our students learn them and clarify their communication.

Our instruction isn’t like other methods. We don’t just teach students what they need to know of the ASME 14.5Y standard, we also teach them how to read a print so that they understand how the part will function, and how it’ll be made, tested and inspected. When students have the full context of a component, they can not only communicate more effectively with suppliers and clients, but also learn to spot and avoid problems before they start.  

We have decades of experience as engineers working within international supply chains, and as GD&T consultants we have worked with all types of companies from OEMs to machine shops. Our online coursework combined with live training is tailor-made to help your people learn how to use GD&T to be better at their jobs. We can even customize our curriculum to use your drawings and the subset of GD&T applicable to your business. Plus, we can work with both you and your suppliers to create a training program that will make your production process as efficient as possible.

Contact us today and we’ll work together to build your team’s perfect training program.