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Competition is fierce in the electronics industry, and every company is looking for an edge in the marketplace. Technological advancements are common, and the intervals between component innovations continue to shrink. You’ve got to design systems and products that can evolve with those advancements.

When you’re integrating PCBs, wiring harnesses, brackets, mounting and fixture hardware or control panels, assembly and interchangeability of parts are the design focus. With large production runs, modularity is the key to making new components plug and play, and designs are aimed at optimizing the layout of catalog parts. Position tolerancing ensures that assembly and interchangeability needs are met.

And manufacturing processes must be flexible as products change, whether you’re swapping out a panel that snaps into an existing platform, or integrating a new, complex housing for an entire electrical system.

Standardization of process and clear communication are critical when you’re sourcing large volumes of parts from multiple vendors. Using GD&T ensures designs account for component constraints and manufacturing limitations. GD&T lets you design and fabricate high quality functional gauges and simplify inspection while improving the quality of your product. GD&T gets you and your suppliers on the same page and gives you a competitive advantage.

Siemens, Motorola, JL Audio, BAE Systems and Cisco all know the value of standardized communication, which is why they sent their teams to GD&T Basics to learn how.

Our unique approach to training is informed by our instructors’ decades of experience. We’re not GD&T evangelists, we’re realists. We’re focused on making your people better at their jobs, not making sure they’ve memorized the entire ASME 14.5Y standard.

We teach students what they need to know of the standard, of course. We also provide them the context for how a part will function, and how it’ll be made and inspected. Understanding all aspects of the product helps your people communicate with everyone involved, and spot and prevent problems before they start.

We have experience with an array of electronics companies whose products range from aerospace components to standalone devices. We offer online coursework that can be combined with live training to suit your needs and your team’s schedule. We can even customize our training to incorporate your drawings and the subset of GD&T that you use.

Contact us today and we’ll work together to build your team’s perfect training program.