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Operating in the defense industry makes you a rare breed, comfortable with the extremely high stakes that come with every contract. Ultimately, every defense contractor has one customer, the DoD. And working with that customer brings unique challenges.

Whether you’re crafting tanks, airplanes, armor, ordinance, weapons or surveillance systems, you’re working with precision components, exotic, expensive materials, deep supply chains, and high-volume production runs. That’s why the current ASME 14.5Y GD&T standard is used by the DoD today – it’s an evolution of the original MIL-STD-8 standard created more than 70 years ago.

The military has always valued precise and effective communication.

The DoD also values security and confidentiality, even while the amount of documentation required to work with the government increases the complexity of every project. Your supply chain must be exclusively located within the US (with exceedingly rare exceptions) and is tightly regulated by law. Just getting a contract is a protracted ordeal. The bidding process is long and complex, and requires you to create compelling presentations with competitor comparisons and extensive documentation.

GD&T Basics’ client list includes the US Army and Navy, and some of the biggest defense contractors there are, including Honeywell and Northrup Grumman. We’re familiar with the ins and outs of working with the DoD and are already SAM registered – our cage code is 9JD29 and our unique SAM identity ID is U1QVA76FMUS3.

We may not be the cheapest training option, but we ensure that you get what you pay for. We understand the bidding process and we can tailor training specific to your needs so you’re in the best position to win your next contract. And while we usually utilize our client’s existing drawings in our program, we’re prepared for the fact that clients in the defense industry can’t share theirs due to strict NDAs. Experience with previous clients has enabled us to create defense-type drawings for our instructional library. We are also familiar with the DoD’s strict cyber security requirements, and our training program can accommodate all of your communication security needs.

That experience is also what led us to develop our unique instructional approach. Our program not only teaches students the relevant parts of the ASME 14.5Y standard, but also helps them understand how the part will function, and how it’ll be made and inspected. Understanding the broader context of a project helps your people communicate effectively and efficiently with everyone involved, and spot and prevent problems before they start.

We understand the demands of the DoD and the regulatory and confidentiality constraints that relationship entails. We’re also keenly aware of the consequences of getting it wrong. Our online coursework combined with live training is how to make sure that your people get it right.

Contact us today and we’ll work together to build your team’s perfect training program.