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Automation & Robotics

Automation is the future of business. Whether you’re building robots, fully autonomous systems, or technology that integrates with existing machinery, high precision is required. Tolerancing of parts is tight and systems are complex. Repetitive motions must be exact and mechanical systems have to understand their location in three-dimensional space and handle impact loads to function properly. That means the mechanical parts of the system have to be in sync with the electronic sensors and vision systems.

You need to be able to evolve as technology advances in the industry. And to compete in a global marketplace, designs must be modular and parts standardized so that iterations and improvements can be made quickly and seamlessly. Whether you’re building a new model that uses 70% of an earlier design or creating something entirely new, you’re still working with a ton of detailed individual components. And those parts are often sourced from a multitude of vendors located around the world.

Plus, every part has to be inspected, validated and calibrated, so mistakes are costly. With deep supply chains and complex assemblies, there’s a premium on clear and accurate communication to limit scrap and avoid disputes. Using GD&T on your design prints is how you keep everyone involved on the same page.

We’ve worked with Mitutoyo, Formlabs, Capture 3D and Uber ATG. We understand the challenges you face being in a cutting-edge, growth industry. We value precision and efficiency just like you do.

At GD&T Basics, our trainers have decades of experience as engineers in the field and as GD&T consultants. We know what an advantage it is for designers to understand the inspection environment and its limitations. We’re GD&T realists, not evangelists and we know the challenges of operating in the real world.

That’s why we use our unique instructional approach. Our program doesn’t just teach students what they need to know of the ASME 14.5Y standard. We also provide the context needed to understand how the part will function, and how it’ll be made and inspected. Given our experience, we can help students to see the big picture and provide inspection method recommendations to simplify your process. Understanding the entire project helps your people communicate with suppliers and clients, and spot and prevent problems before they become costly mistakes.

Our online coursework combined with live training gives you the flexibility to build the program your team needs to do their jobs well. We can even customize our training to incorporate your drawings and the subset of GD&T that you use.

Contact us today and we’ll work together to build your team’s perfect training program.