Online GD&T Training for Your Team

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Live Public Training

Our public training events are hosted virtually with a live instructor for the most effective in-person training - completed from the comfort of your home or office. 

New 2021 dates, now available for registration.

Programs Offered for Group Online Training - Select One or More Courses

Engineering Drawing Basics

New Course - Now Available 25% OFF! Fully understand your engineering prints without years of experience.

GD&T Fundamentals Training

Learn the simple framework that will help you understand and retain GD&T topics.

GD&T Advanced Training

Access to both Online courses - GD&T Fundamentals and Advanced Courses

Bundle Rates

We offer discounted bundle rates for multiple programs purchased together. Does your team need 2 or 3 of these courses? We can offer a Training plan to include our Engineering Drawing Basics, GD&T Fundamentals & GD&T Advanced Courses. 

Save $50 or more, per license, when bundling and give your team more time to access the training.

How Group Online Training Works

Create your Desired Training Plan

We will help create the best training plan to meet your team's needs.

Team - Register & Enroll

One link will be sent so that your whole team to easily register and enroll in the group training course

Learn GD&T

Complete the Online training program at your own pace with no need to take your whole team out of work for days of training

Sample Video from Our Online Course

See below how we simplify a topic most people struggle with - Maximum Material Condition

What's Included in the Online Training?

Complete Flexibility

Each employee will be able to complete the training course at their own pace with no need to take your whole team out of work for days of training. We will also provide the management team with bi-weekly progress reports to view your team's progress through the training.

Dedicated Instructor Support

Each participant of the training will have access to our course FAQ and access to your team's dedicated instructor through email and the course forum.


For teams of 3 or more participants, we offer group discounts to provide the best value to your organization and each employee will receive their own individual access to the course.

Also Included with Online Training

24/7 Access on Any Device

Quizzes with Answer Explanations

Printable Review Handouts

Certificate of Completion

Group Online Training Testimonials

Our engineering and quality teams were looking for better methods to describe and control the critical parts in our design. GD&T Basics online GD&T training was exactly what we were looking for. Engineers could work through the tutorials at their own pace. The training gave us the fundamentals of GD&T, which enriched our team discussions, and in the end, allowed us to create more descriptive drawings and produce better parts.

This course is the 2nd GD&T course I have taken part in. The first course (by another company) provided poor real world examples and really only gave a rough understanding of the most basic concepts with no relation to our field of work. After this course, I feel that all of the concepts covered have been greatly clarified. I am now confident in my approach to interpreting GD&T when provided by customers, and that I can confidently challenge questionable tolerancing.


Group Online Training

How does the Online course work?

GD&T Basics is a video-on-demand streaming course, that is available 24/7 on any device – even your smartphone. You will have access to video content as well as review handouts and quiz questions to reinforce the material. For the course features and information on how the interactive modules work, you can visit our Course Features Page.

How long is online training?

Our GD&T Fundamentals course contains roughly 15 hours of video content. On average, it takes 20-24 hours for our students to complete the Fundamentals course - this including the time it takes to complete the quizzes after each lesson, the final exam, and review the additional training materials. Simply put, if you can dedicate 30 minutes a day to the training course, you could complete the Fundamentals course in roughly one month.

Our Advanced course has the same amount of materials. So, if you enroll in our Professional Plan, which includes both our Fundamentals and Advanced course, it could take up to 40-48 hours to complete the training program in full (~2 months if dedicated 30 minutes a day).

How much does online training cost?

Our current pricing for individuals is found on our Course & Pricing Page. For a company/group quote, please fill out the form below to receive your group discount for multiple licenses. 

Do you offer group rates?

Yes! We offer group discounts for 2 or more participants in the training. Please complete the form below to receive your group discount for multiple licenses. 

Can I mix & match training courses for my team?

Yes - we are happy to work with you to create a customized training plan that would work best for the individuals on your team. Please contact us today so that we can create a training plan for your organization. 

What topics are covered in online training?

To learn more about our training modules and what is included in the course you can visit our Lessons & Curriculum Page

What support is given during the training

We offer direct student support through our course forum and email hotline allowing our instructors to reply to your questions within a day or two if you get stuck.

We always want to hear from our students and truly enjoy helping them conceptualize using GD&T in their work. GD&T is a powerful concept that is critical for communicating design intent between design, production, and inspection. Our #1 goal is to make you confident when working with these concepts in an engineering setting and to make sure you leave our program with a solid skillset in GD&T.

What are your payment terms and how do we process payments?

We will provide a link to our QuickBooks invoice system which accepts Credit Cards and ACH transfers. Credit Card processing is always the fastest way to enroll your team as payment is instant. We also can accept PO’s for direct bank transfers or check orders. If your company has any extended billing preferences such as Net 30, please let us know so that we can provide you with the appropriate information.