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GD&T online training for teams of any size.

Give your team instant access to the best online GD&T training that simplifies complex engineering concepts into practical applications.

The Benefits of GD&T Training Online

24/7 Convenience

Let employees learn GD&T anytime, anywhere, at their own pace, with a library of streaming on-demand videos and quizzes that offers the most flexible training.

Maximum Value

Save more with affordable group rates and earn additional discounts when you bundle multiple courses together—giving you the most cost-effective option for any size team.

Instant Enrollment

Start learning GD&T right away, without the hassle of pulling employees out of work or coordinating a training timetable around your busy production schedule.

Extended Access

Unlock exclusive access to bonus GD&T online training materials for six months for individuals or 1-year for groups, including priority registration for monthly webinars.

Added Accountability

Monitor your team’s progress through our online learning platform that allow for group admins to track individual participation and performance on quizzes.

Dedicated Support

Engage directly with senior-level certified instructors through our question hotlines to get detailed explanations beyond the lessons.

How GD&T Online Training Works

Step 1:

Create an online training plan that fits your team’s specific needs for GD&T with recommended timelines and training options to make sure you’re getting the best value.

Step 2:

Enroll your team and gain instant access to our entire library of online GD&T training resources, so employees can start learning as soon as you receive your registration link.

Step 3:

Learn GD&T at your own pace by giving your team the flexibility of training on-demand combined with the accountability of progress reporting to keep everyone on track.

Step 4:

Reinforce your online coursework by adding customized training sessions with a live instructor to deepen your team’s understanding of GD&T with company-specific examples.

Prefer to host training on your company's internal Learning Management System (LMS)?

See how we can integrate with your company's LMS for groups of 50+

GD&T Online Training Courses for Teams

Print Reading and Tolerances

Build your team’s basic print reading proficiency with our introductory course that teaches students how to effectively interpret engineering drawings.

GD&T Fundamentals

Sharpen your team’s GD&T competence with our simple framework that explains how to use GD&T to improve each step of the manufacturing process.

Advanced GD&T

Dive deeper into the GD&T standards with our advanced GD&T training online course, designed to comprehensively boost your team’s technical aptitude.

Here’s a sample lesson from one of our GD&T online training courses

Why Teams Love our GD&T Courses Online

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

I have been using GD&T for a while in injection molding. This course explains concepts that I always struggled with, like why ever use LMC or what the difference between runout and total runout are. I can now dimension engineering prints with even more confidence.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

I found the course to be very well organized with great, easy to use summary reference materials that I already have used in my daily work. The lectures were easily digestible with tons of content and solid examples. I appreciated that I could complete the lessons and tests at my own pace and on an irregular schedule.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

This is a phenomenal course! For years I have felt overwhelmed in my attempts to learn GD&T. It seemed like the best way to learn was from someone with experience, but I didn't have that opportunity at any of my jobs. This course has provided the expertise I was looking for. Now I have a better grasp of the basics and can feel more confident using them.

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Our engineering and quality teams were looking for better methods to describe and control the critical parts in our design. GD&T Basics online GD&T training was exactly what we were looking for. Engineers could work through the tutorials at their own pace. The training gave us the fundamentals of GD&T, which enriched our team discussions, and in the end, allowed us to create more descriptive drawings and produce better parts.

Mechanical Engineering Manager
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

This course is the 2nd GD&T course I have taken part in. The first course (by another company) provided poor real world examples and really only gave a rough understanding of the most basic concepts with no relation to our field of work. After this course, I feel that all of the concepts covered have been greatly clarified. I am now confident in my approach to interpreting GD&T when provided by customers, and that I can confidently challenge questionable tolerancing.

CAD/CAM Manager
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Amazing course! As in the GD&T Basics Fundamentals Course, the GD&T Advanced Applications Course maintains an excellent flow of the new content, always explained in a very understandable manner. In my case, as a person with limited knowledge of GD&T before enrolling in both courses, this program can take you from knowing little to confidently understanding the application of GD&T in design and prepares you to go further and obtain an ASME Y14.5 GDTP certification if desired. I thank the GD&T Basics team very much for their high-quality course and service!


Not quite ready to enroll your team?

Compare your training options to find the best solution in our free GD&T training guide.

Online Training Programs

Questions for our On-Demand, Self-Paced, Training Programs

  • How do I log into the course?

    For Group Accounts, Registered AFTER 12/1/2021

    For Individuals and Company Accounts Registered BEFORE 12/1/2021

  • How does the online course work?

    GD&T Basics is a video-on-demand streaming course, that is available 24/7 on any device – even your smartphone. 

    You will have access to video content as well as review handouts and quiz questions to reinforce the material. Learn more here

  • Can we share licenses in the online course?

    Licenses issued for online training are only available as one per person. The training system will not allow multiple people to complete the program with only one seat. If multiple people are requesting the training, each person must purchase their own seat for the program. Group discounts available for any group of 2 or more participants! Contact us for pricing or more information on group discounts.

  • What programs do you offer?

    Print Reading and Tolerances (formerly known as Engineering Drawing Basics):
    Understanding drawings is one of the most critical skills for anyone who works with manufactured parts. The objective of this course is to make sure that you understand how to read, interpret and work with engineering drawings in a day-to-day setting. You will learn how to work with prints from a mix of documented engineering standards, shop floor knowledge, and real-world examples. Our material breaks down the complexity of engineering drawings into the key concepts that will apply to every print you will see.

    GD&T Fundamentals:
    With the GD&T Basics Fundamentals Training Course, you will learn a simple framework that will allow you to understand how GD&T is used and why. We don’t throw every concept at you – we make absolutely sure that what we teach is what you will actually need in the real world.

    Advanced GD&T:
    The GD&T Standards are meant to cover every application, across every industry. While the GD&T Fundamentals course covers the core framework for understanding how GD&T is interpreted & applied – the GD&T Advanced course builds upon this framework showing how every GD&T Symbol and Callout are used.
    **Note: Our Advanced course is Part 2 of our GD&T Professional Bundle, following Part 1: GD&T Fundamentals. This course is not available for purchase on its own unless you've already completed the GD&T Fundamentals Course.

    Drawing Basics Bundle:
    Includes 2 Courses:

    • Print Reading and Tolerances
    • GD&T Fundamentals

    GD&T Professional Bundle:
    Includes 2 Courses:

    • GD&T Fundamentals
    • Advanced GD&T 

    Drawing Expert Bundle:
    Includes all 3 Courses:

    • Print Reading and Tolerances
    • GD&T Fundamentals
    • Advanced GD&T
  • How long do I have to access the course material?

    All individuals enrolled in a single training course receive 180-Day access to the online platform and our instructors. 

    If part of a company group or individuals who enroll in a Bundle Plan (2 or more courses) receive 1-year access to all Courses in the bundle.

  • What materials are included in the course?

    Our courses are broken down into small easy-to-digest segments on each topic. 

    We include a printable review handout for each course as well as quizzes that follow most sections. 

    All active students also receive access to our Video/Bonus Materials Course and our monthly Live Webinars, where we answer some of the most commonly asked questions and discuss other drawing tips and tricks. You can join these webinars live and access the library of previously recorded webinars through the course platform.

    You'll have full access to everything for your entire licensing period and can go back to review anything when needed.

  • How much do the Online programs cost?

    You can find pricing details on our Pricing Page. We also offer additional corporate group discounts so please contact us for these rates.

  • What kind of support do you provide?

    If you get stuck on something or need clarification, our ASME Senior level certified instructors are available to help. We offer a direct question hotline available for individual questions regarding the course material. We typically respond to your questions within 24-72 hours.

    All enrolled individuals also receive access to our live monthly webinars where we review application, interpretation, and inspection specific topics. Utilize the time to have direct discussion with our instructors. All live webinars are recorded and placed in a library of bonus video content to help reinforce the lessons learned in the training. These free bonus resources are automatically available as a separate course in your online platform. 

  • How do I access the bonus videos and Webinars?

    All active students enrolled in any of our Online training programs automatically gain access to our free bonus material and monthly webinars. Students can access bonus training videos and pre-recorded webinars by visiting the "Video & Webinar Bonus Content" course in your student dashboard. All active students will also receive announcement emails when we've scheduled a live webinar. Students can register for the live webinar using the link provided in the email or using the link provided in the bonus content course.

  • Do you offer a money back guarantee?

    Absolutely – We are completely confident you will find this to be the best, most effective GD&T course or we will give you your money back. Our Fundamentals Course and Professional Plan come with a full 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure you are fully satisfied with the product.

  • How do I sign up for the course?

    For Individuals: You can sign up for the course right at for individual licenses. From here you can select your plan, create a login and password, and purchase the course.

    For Companies & Groups: Contact us here and we will be happy to put together an estimate incorporating our group discounts. We will then send an invoice for the required number of licenses to take care of everything in one order. Your team will then enroll using a special link created just for your company to access the program.

    Once a license is purchased, you will have immediate access to all the course materials using your new login on our course platform. All videos, handouts, quizzes, and forums are all in one place and accessible at any time.

  • How long does it take to complete the training?

    On average, our Print Reading and Tolerances course takes ~8-12 hours for students to review the material, complete quizzes, and take the final exam. If students dedicate 30 minutes a day to training, they can complete the course in a couple of weeks.  

    Our GD&T Fundamentals course takes ~10-12 hours to review the material, complete quizzes, and take the final exam. If students dedicate 30 minutes a day to training, they can complete the course in a month.

    Our Professional Plan, which includes both the GD&T Fundamentals and Advanced GD&T courses takes ~15-24 hours to review the material, complete quizzes, and take the final exam. Simply put, if you can dedicate 30 minutes a day to the training, you can have both courses completed in roughly 2 months.