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Last Updated: 12/9/15

*Bonus Lessons are italicized lessons and will be released at the date provided.

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Section 1: Introduction

  • Course Introduction – Why This Course is Different
  • What is GD&T?
  • Terminology & Basic Rules

Section 2: Features and Rules of GD&T

  • Intro to Features and Material Conditions
  • Rule #1 of GD&T (Envelope Principle)
  • Maximum Material Condition
  • Least Material Condition
  • Regardless of Feature’s Size & Rule #2
  • *Basics of Functional Gauging – Release Date: 4/18/16

Section 3: Datums Control

  • Intro to Datums
  • The Datum Reference Frame
  • Primary Datum Controls
  •  Intro to MMB

Section 4: Adding GD&T to a Drawing/Design

  • The Feature Control Frame
  • SLOF for Drawings (Size, Location, Orientation & Form)
  • *How to Choose Your Datums – Release Date: 5/9/16

Section 5: Form Tolerances

  • Straightness (Surface)
  • Straightness (Median Line/MMC) – Release Date:
  • Flatness (Surface)
  • Flatness (Median Plane/MMC)
  • Circularity
  • Cylindricity

Section 6: Orientation Tolerances

  • Parallelism (Surface)
  • Parallelism (Axis)
  • Perpendicularity (Surface)
  • Perpendicularity (Axis)
  • Angularity (Surface and Axis)

Section 7: Profile Tolerances

  • Profile of a Surface – Basics
  • Profile (Modifiers and More Examples)
  • Profile of a Line

Section 8: Location Tolerances

  • True Position -Basics
  • True Position vs Coordinate Dimensions
  • *True Position: MMC and More Examples – Release Date: 5/23/16
  • Concentricity
  • Symmetry

Section 9: Runout Tolerances

  • Runout/Circular Runout
  • Total Runout

Section 10: Conclusion & Frequently Asked Questions

We will design these lessons based on course feedback and questions people ask regarding the course topics:

  • *Course Summary and FAQ Based on Course Feedback – TBD
  • *If You Remember Only 5 Things… Based on Course Feedback – TBD
  • *GD&T Advanced Course Preview – Release Date: TBD

Notes on Additional Lessons:

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and easy to follow GD&T course available anywhere.  Based on questions and feedback from our students, we will continue to improve and clarify our material over the coming months.  So please let us know which GD&T topics tend to be the most difficult to understand or apply. Please send us any questions or feedback that you have!

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