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Last Updated: 9/8/22

Section 1: Course Introduction

  • Course Overview
  • GD&T Pre-Test Quiz
  • What is GD&T?
  • Basic Terminology

Section 2: GD&T Framework

  •  The Feature Control Frame
  • The GD&T Basics Framework

Section 3: Size Tolerances

  • Features & Material Conditions
  • Rule #1 – The Envelope Principle

Section 4: Datums

  • Datums Introduction
  • Primary Datum Controls
  • Datum Reference Frame
  • Datum Targets

Section 5: Position

  • Position Tolerance
  • Position vs. Coordinate Conversion

Section 6: Orientation (Axis/Midplane)

  • Parallelism (Axis/Midplane)
  • Perpendicularity (Axis/Midplane)
  • Angularity (Axis/Midplane)

Section 7: Material Modifiers

  • Maximum Material Condition (MMC)
  • Least Material Condition (LMC)
  • Regardless of Feature Size (RFS)

Section 8: Surface Profile

  • Surface Profile
  • Profile Modifiers
  • Profile of a Line

Section 9: Surface Orientation

  • Surface Parallelism
  • Surface Perpendicularity
  • Surface Angularity

Section 10: Surface Form

  • Straightness (Surface)
  • Flatness (Surface)
  • Circularity
  • Cylindricity

Section 11: Runout Controls

  • Circular Runout
  • Total Runout

Section 12: Derived Element Controls

  • Straightness Derived Median Line (DML)
  • Flatness Derived Median Plane (DMP)
  • Concentricity
  • Symmetry

Notes on Additional Lessons:

Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive and easy to follow GD&T course available anywhere.  Based on questions and feedback from our students, we will continue to improve and clarify our material.  So please let us know which GD&T topics tend to be the most difficult to understand or apply. Please send us any questions or feedback that you have – info[at]!

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