East Building – Level 3 – Booth # 135938

Greenville, SC— August 3, 2022We at GD&T Basics are excited to be participating in this year’s 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) held in Chicago, Illinois, September 12-17, 2022.

Stop by our booth 135938 and sit in on our bite-sized GD&T Knowledge Sessions —

“Ask a GD&T Expert”

Monday – Thursday; 11:00am & 2:00pm

  • Q&A Open Discussion – Meet our ASME GD&T Professionally Certified Instructors and have an open discussion about any of your GD&T questions.

  • New to GD&T? Start easy with 1 symbol – We’ll discuss the benefits of using GD&T Position over traditional direct dimensioning to locate a hole, and how it can add 57% more usable tolerance.

  • Design, production, or inspection? Aerospace, automotive, biomed, or heavy industrial? We have experience working with many different departments and industries in the field and are happy to discuss any questions/scenarios/situations with you – no matter what industry you’re in or what department you are part of.

“GD&T Basics course was extremely well-taught and made difficult concepts as easy as possible to grasp. Even after just 14 hours of this course I’m already one of the more knowledgeable people at my company with GD&T, because this course is thorough and leaves no gaping holes in knowledge.”

Logan V. — Machine Shop Owner

“This course is the 2nd GD&T course I have taken part in. The first course (by another company) provided poor real-world examples and only gave a rough understanding of the most basic concepts with no relation to our field of work. After GD&T Basics course, I feel that all the concepts covered have been greatly clarified. I am now confident in my approach to interpreting GD&T when provided by customers, and that I can confidently challenge questionable tolerancing.”

Yvan F. — CAD/CAM Manager

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