GD&T Advanced

Thank you for your interest in our new GD&T Professional Plan. The Professional Plan includes both our popular GD&T Fundamentals course and our new GD&T Advanced course. 

This past fall, we launched our Advanced Course Pilot Program with ten lessons and are continuing to add a new lesson every two weeks. We plan to fill out the course by mid-2018 with roughly 34 lessons. We are limiting the number of students that can enroll so we can make sure we can address all the feedback and questions on this more complex material. 

For this pilot program, we are discounting the GD&T Advanced course 50% when purchased with the Fundamentals Course – giving you both courses for $499. We are doing this by invite only until we fill out the remaining seats in the course. To apply for an invitation simply fill out the short form below.

As a bonus to those who register for this pilot program, we will extend access to this course, plus your access to the GD&T Fundamentals course until March 1st, 2019 – giving you over a full year to access everything – including our instructor support.

The curriculum for this advanced course can be found here. (This is subject to change based on our student feedback.)

Our goal is to give all of our students a complete understanding of GD&T and make sure that everyone becomes a GD&T Professional with this course. Please let us know if you have any questions in the message section of the form below. We hope to see you in our pilot program!