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Simplified Training Framework

Real-World Examples and Prints

Make Better Technical Decisions

Learning how to use geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) shouldn’t be complicated or time-consuming. That’s why we started GD&T Basics - to give you the practical GD&T knowledge you need to design, manufacture, and inspect parts more efficiently.

Our ASME Certified instructors have trained 10,000 engineers, machinists, and production managers at the world’s leading manufacturers. Our pragmatic approach to GD&T saves clients countless hours, millions of dollars, and hundreds of headaches by preventing deviations, delays, and disputes.

Companies That Trust GD&T Basics for Training

Frustrated Engineering Student

Overwhelmed by the Complexity of GD&T Training?

  • Confused by GD&T standards and symbols?
  • Wondering, “What is GD&T, anyway, and why do I need it?”
  • Preparing for your GDTP certification exam?
  • Lacking the required GD&T experience to get a job?
  • Struggling to find GD&T training online to fit your needs?
  • Assuming that GD&T will just make your parts more complex?
  • Searching for a GD&T online course designed for the real world?

Other GD&T certification training programs teach you how to memorize the ASME Y14.5 standard, but not how to apply it to your production process. At GD&T Basics, we combine practical GD&T knowledge with real-world experience to give you a technical curriculum with practical context.

Benefits of Training with GD&T Basics

While other engineers are struggling through ineffective classes, you’ll be capitalizing on these advantages of our unique GD&T training approach.

Simple Framework

Conquer confusion with our straightforward approach that teaches you how GD&T can simplify production, instead of overcomplicating it.

Practical Examples

Learn how to solve real engineering problems by applying GD&T to actual examples, rather than memorizing theories you’ll never need.

Flexible Formats

Access training when, where, and how you want with GD&T online training, on-site classes, public seminars, and customized solutions.

Certified Experts

Engage with Senior-Level GD&T Certified Instructors who teach from real-world industry experience and time-tested GD&T knowledge.

Maximum Value

Make the most of your training budget with group rates and bundling discounts, backed by the GD&T Basics 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fast Results

Implement your GD&T skills immediately with a confident grasp of how these standards impact your daily production workflow.

Who Needs GD&T Training?

Our GD&T classes are designed for anyone who makes, reads, and uses technical drawings, including:

  • CNC Machinists
  • Measurements Technicians
  • Quality Engineers
  • Current Engineering Students
  • Design Engineers
  • Entry Level Engineers/Technicians
  • Engineering & Production Managers
  • CAD Engineers
  • Machine Shop Owner or Operators
  • Automotive Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • ...and More!

Choose Your Training

Get flexible GD&T training solutions for your group or just you.

Training for My Team

Get your company’s design, manufacturing, and inspection teams in-sync with GD&T group training. Our team-based courses can be tailored to solve your toughest engineering challenges, providing laser-focused curriculum to streamline communications, minimize waste, and control costs.

  • Free Consultation
  • On-site or Online
  • Group Discounts
  • Option to Host on Your LMS

Training for Myself

Advance your technical career with our self-paced GD&T online training for individuals. Designed to make you the go-to engineer, our courses equip you with the confidence to use GD&T correctly in any role. You’ll learn practical skills you’ll use every day on the job.

  • 24/7 Video-On-Demand Access
  • Learn at Your Own Pace
  • Real-World Job Skills
  • Certificate of Completion

Why Clients Love Our Training

GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

I am a MET student and this is WAY better than my book. Clean, functional, and with good explanations! You all rock! Thanks for a great resource!

Engineering Student
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The GD&T Basics Course is very helpful. The instructors are extremely responsive with everything I asked answered less than a day later. This course has been extremely helpful for learning GD&T and a great resource!

Production Machinist
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Recently, I passed the ASME GDTP Senior level exam. I got amazing help from your training course! Your lessons are great! Very easy! When I studied the ASME standard, it is just text, and text only... I only realized the true concept of each GD&T concept from your course.Thank you very much!

Mechanical Designer
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

Engineer Essentials provides the best resources for learning GD&T. Their content is A+. It's approachable, adheres to the standard and 100% relevant to modern manufacturing. I am a constant advocate of the resources Engineer Essentials provides. Thanks for helping me advance in my career and actually get excited about GD&T!

CMM Programmer
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

The course was extremely well-taught and made difficult concepts as easy as possible to grasp. Even after just 14 hours of this course I’m already one of the more knowledgeable people at my company with GD&T, because this course is thorough and leaves no gaping holes in knowledge. I’m looking forward to the advanced course.

Machine Shop Owner
GD&T Basics / Engineer Essentials LLC

This course offers a great overview of all the key concepts of GD&T. The course taught me several new things about conditions and cases I had never experienced or considered, and cleared up some common misconceptions I had about GD&T practices. The material is delivered at a level that is accessible to all skill levels. The course is well formatted, contains excellent graphics and animations, and provides clear explanations for tricky topics. After just a few weeks, the GD&T Basics Fundamentals course can teach you everything you need to know to read and use GD&T in a manufacturing workplace.


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